At two in the morning, I was about to go to sleep when I turned the channel to MTV and caught "Undressed." And it was a marathon. Like a midnight trip to the icebox to tear a little dark meat off the turkey, I couldn't help, but pick it to the bone.

Now I'm not sure what this show is supposed to be about. I wasn't quite sure if the show took place at a private high school, a college or somewhere in between. Kids seemed to live all over the place - including a house with a hot tub. The basic plots seemed to involve cute girls having sex. I can't think of a better premise. This is the trashy kinda show "Titans" was supposed to be. But "Undressed" doesn't seem to care much for a plot. There was like three different stories going between the episodes. Each story dealt with a bunch of horny kids (did I mention some of them were hot chicks?) trying to get it on with each other. Did I mention the hot chicks were in underwear at any excuse? One girl would say, "Hey, I'm doing laundry." And her roomie would start stripping down to save on quarters. It was so beautiful. And then there was a whole lesbian sub-plot with three really good looking young girls fighting for each others love. By the way, at some point in their crisis, all three girls were in their underwear.

I guess that's why they call it "Undressed."

I'm not sure who is who in the show. The credits are splashed on the screen without being next to a head There are so many characters in each episode. I couldn't keep up or figure out who is who. But did I care? They don't seem to give the time to develop the stories like "Melrose Place." A person would barely say a line before they'd cut away. It's like some guy was at home with a remote control flipping through the three storylines trying to catch the girls in their underwear. Maybe that's why I liked the show. I can relate to that channel flipping guy. Maybe it's me editing the show?

Halfway through the batch the lesbians disappeared. Where did the sappho sisters go? I was nearly heartbroken. Then they introduced an equally cute girl who was abstaining from sex, but I knew she wanted to get it on - do the nasty - cause why else would she be on the show?

Sure it would be nice if MTV would show some of those music videos without covering them in shout outs to my baby's mama. But after those crappy "Real World" and "Road Rules" marathons, MTV finally gave me a fluffy treat worth repeating.

"Undressed" is more fun than "Melrose Place" - unless it's the episode where Traci Lords took off the dress by the pool. That was a TV history moment there.

By the way, Traci, if you're reading this column, e-mail me at
Corey3rd@hotmail.com. I want to treat you right. And I want you to treat me bad. And we'll watch lots of "Undressed." And we'll play a little game where every time someone strips on the show, we'll put on an article of clothing. The first person to pass out from heat frustration loses. The winner gets an Eskimo pie! Sound like fun, Traci?


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