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                                   AMERICAN DRAGON
                                "FU DOG TAKES A WALK"

            FADE IN:


            Fu Dog, wearing a "Ghoul's Gym" T-SHIRT, pulls a COACH'S
            WHISTLE from his wrinkles and blows a .

                          1     FU DOG
                      I wanna see some good, clean sparring
                      here.  No biting, no clawing, no kicking,
                      no I'm kidding, anything goes, boys!  I
                      wanna see rough stuff--piledrivers and
                      sledgehammers!  Steamrollers &
                      dumptrucks!  Caterpillars and--

            WIDEN: Grandpa and Jake are facing each other on a sparring
            matt.  They stare at Fu incredulously.

                          2     GRANDPA
                      Are you finished?

                          3     FU DOG
                      You take all the fun, ya know that? 
                      Awright, let's see some action!

            Fu backs off, blowing the .

            Grandpa bows to Jake, strikes a tai chi pose and gracefully
            transforms into a dragon.

                          4     GRANDPA
                      Are you ready, young one?

                          5     JAKE
                      Born there, Grandpa!  Check me.

            Jake STRAINS to transform.

                          6     JAKE (CONT'D)

            Jake finally makes a glitchy transformation to Dragon form.

                          7     JAKE (CONT'D)
                      Oh yez!  How you like me now, Grandpop? 
                      This is no joke over here.  You sure you
                      want a piece of this?

            Jake frenetically bobs and weaves.  Grandpa circles him
            calmly and patiently, looking for an opening.

                          8     GRANDPA
                      Don't be too cocky.  Stay focused.  Watch
                      the tail.

            Jake thrashes his tail around in a flashy break-dance
            inspired move.  He grins at it, pleased.

                          9     JAKE
                      Oh, I'm watching the tail.  And it's
                      looking way chill!

                         10     GRANDPA
                      Not your tail.  Mine.

            Grandpa's tail coils up behind Jake.  When he turns his head,
            it grabs him by the snoot and judo flips him into a stack of
            DVD players.  Jake reverts to Jake Form on .

                         11     JAKE
                      Whoaahhh!  Ooof!

            Fu looks away.

                         12     FU DOG
                      Ouch!  Right in the merchandise.

            Grandpa transforms back into human form and helps Jake up,
            surveying the damaged DVD players.

                         13     GRANDPA 
                      Fu Dog?

                         14     FU DOG
                      I'm on it, Gramps!

            Fu Dog starts  the DVD players as sale items (50%
            off).  Grandpa leads Jake back over to the matt.

                         15     GRANDPA
                      Jake, you must learn concentration. 
                      Come, we will try a basic meditation
                      exercise.  Very simple.  Even a gremlin
                      could do it.

            The MESSENGER PIXIE flies into the shop and up to Fu.

                         16     MESSENGER FAIRY
                      Delivery for Fu Dog.  Sign here.

            Fu signs and takes the small envelope, studying it.

                         17     FU DOG
                          (to himself)
                      It's from Big Ernie.  (realizing) Could
                      it be...?

            Fu eagerly tears open the envelope.

            Grandpa transforms into a dragon and settles into a lotus
            position.  Jake shapeshifts and tries to imitate Grandpa's
            position, desperately tugging his legs into place.

                         18     JAKE 
                      Ow.  Ow.  Ow.  Owwww.

                         19     GRANDPA
                      Concentrate.  Breathe.  Embrace the

            Fu pulls a sparkling, magic ticket out of the envelope.

                         20     FU DOG
                      I don't believe it!  A ticket to today's
                      playoff game!  A box seat in the special
                      magic section!  No one can get these!

            Fu pulls out a note, reading it:

                         21     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      "Dear Fu:  Don't never say I never did
                      nothin' for ya.  Love, Big Ernie." Woo

            Fu gives the ticket a big, wet .

            BACK ON GRANDPA AND JAKE - meditating.  Jake struggles, in a
            pretzel position.

                         22     JAKE
                      Uh, I don't think I bend this way,

                         23     GRANDPA
                      You must release yourself.

            Jake lets go and  out of his lotus position,
             into another stack of DVD players.  

                         24     GRANDPA (CONT'D)
                      That's not what I meant.

            Fu runs over to Grandpa with the ticket.

                         25     FU DOG
                      I gotta split, Gramps.  This ball game
                      starts in ten minutes!

                         26     GRANDPA
                      I cannot take you.  Jake needs work on
                      his concentration...

            WHIP PAN to Jake, struggling out of the DVD pile.  One slides
            off the top and cracks him on the head.

                         27     JAKE
                      No, I'm cool, I'm coo--ow!

            WHIP PAN back to Grandpa and Fu Dog.

                         28     FU DOG
                      Hey, I'm a big dog.  I'll walk myself.

                         29     GRANDPA
                      I don't know.  You remember what happened
                      last time...

                                                          FLASH BACK TO:


            Firetrucks, police helicopters.   and flashing
            lights.  Dog Catchers in S.W.A.T. gear.    

            At the center of it, Fu Dog, a feather boa, and a fire
            hydrant, off its base.

                                                          FLASH BACK TO:


            Fu holds up his paws.

                         30     FU DOG
                      Hey, it was all just a little
                      misunderstanding.  Look, this game is a
                      once in a lifetime opportunity...

            Fu holds up the TICKET -- a holographic image comes to life,
            showing two baseball players on pitching mounds--

                         31     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      Fastball hurler Chuckie Ouligian is
                      pitching against knuckle-baller Craig
                          (pleading with Grandpa)
                      It's the game of the year, maybe the
                      century and I'm sitting on a prime ticket
                      over here!  I have to go!

            Grandpa holds up a single finger.

                         32     GRANDPA
                      Be careful.  And do not draw attention to

                         33     FU DOG
                      Hey, sure thing, pops!  You're looking at
                      Mister inconspicuous over here!

            Fu starts to leave, reaches for the boa.

                         34     GRANDPA
                      Ah ah ah!

            Fu Dog leaves it and races out of the shop with the ticket.

                                                                 CUT TO:


            Fu Dog exits the shop, tucking the ticket into a fold in his
            skin.  He drops to all fours and trots down the street.

                         35     FU DOG
                      It's a beautiful day for baseball.  Woo!

            BINOCULARS P.O.V.  Fu walking down the sidewalk.

                         36     OGELVY (V.O.)
                      At last!  The rare Chinese sharpei dog I
                      need.  How long have I waited for you to
                      venture out alone and unattended?  Too
                      long.  Far too long.

            ON - OPHELIA OGELVY THE DOG CATCHER, sitting in her truck, as
            she puts her binoculars down.

                         37     OGELVY 
                      But now I've got you right where I want
                      you---!  ACHOO!!

            She SNEEZES into a tissue, SOPPING it instantly.  

                         38     OGELVY (CONT'D)

            She daintily places the tissue in a trashbin and whips
            another tissue out of her handy utility belt.

            ON FU DOG  trotting along humming to himself.

                         39     FU DOG

            Suddenly the Dog Catcher steps out from behind a lamppost,
            blocking his path.

                         40     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      What the--?  I mean... (innocently) Woof!? 
                      Woof woof?

            Dog Catcher flashes a BADGE.

                         41     OGELVY
                      Officer Ogelvey, New York Animal Control.
                      Are you aware that you are in violation
                      of article one, section one, subsection
                      one of the Greater City of New York's
                      municipal leash law?

            Fu Dog is not sure what to say, but before he can speak:

                         42     OGELVY (CONT'D)
                      Of course you're not!  Because you're
                      just a dumb animal!!

                         43     FU DOG
                          (biting his tongue)
                      Um... woof.

            Ogelvy whips out a pair of aluminum batons.

                         44     OGELVY
                      You're comin' with me, mutt.

            At the flick of a switch, the batons fold out into (hi-tech)
            old-fashioned dog catcher's nets.

                         45     FU DOG
                          (under his breath)
                      Wuh oh.

            Fu Dog tries to back away.  He backs into a fire hydrant.

            Ogelvy lunges at him with the net.  Fu Dog dodges and Ogelvy
            snags the hydrant instead.  She lunges again, snagging the
            purse of a passing OLD LADY, who  Ogelvy with a cane.

                         46     OGELVY
                      Uh oh.  Whoops.  Ow!

                         47     OLD LADY
                      Take that, you young hooligan!

            Fu Dog  at Ogelvy's predicament.  But as Fu turns
            to leave, Ogelvy's foot comes into frame, pinning Fu Dog's
            tail to the ground.  As he starts to walk away, his hindskin
            stretches at first, then he faceplants on the sidewalk.

                         48     OGELVY 
                      Not so fast, perp.  I mean, pup.

            Fu Dog grabs his skin and "pulls the rug" out from under
            Ogelvy, who pratfalls, as Fu Dog scampers away.

                         49     FU DOG
                      Heh.  Gets 'em every time.

                         50     OGELVY 
                      Curse you, canine!  I'll get you yet. 
                      Yeah, you better run!  Ouch!

            The old lady comes over and, seeing that she has fallen and
            gotten tangled in her own nets again,  Ogelvy with her
            purse some more as she gets up and moves after Fu.


            Fu Dog rounds a corner, and darts into an alley.  Moments
            later, Ogelvy charges into the alley after him.

            EXT. DARK ALLEY

            Ogelvy creeping through the dank alley.  Shadows flit past.

                         51     OGELVY
                      I know you're in here, mongrel!  ACHOO! 
                      My nose knows.  All my life I've been
                      plagued by allergies but now they are my
                      greatest weapon!  Achoo!

            Ogelvy whirls on: A DUMPSTER.   sounds from within. 
            Ogelvy peeks inside.  A PAIR OF EYES peer back at her.

                         52     OGELVY (CONT'D)

            She thrusts her arm into the dumpster.


                         53     OGELVY (CONT'D)
                      Ow!  Ouch!  Oh my!  Achoo!

            The Cat springs out of the dumpster and runs off, as Ogelvy
            collapses in a pained heap.

            MOUTH OF THE ALLEY

            Fu Dog is at the entrance to the alleyway, when the cat comes
            running by.  It stops.  It peels back the skin of it's face
            like a "hood".  It's an IMP-IN-A-CAT-SUIT!

                         54     FU DOG
                      Thanks, Impy.  I owe you one.

            He starts to leave, but the Imp grabs him by the tail.

                         55     IMP  
                      Hold on!  You owe me two, cheapskate-- 

            The IMP/CAT dons its "hood" and leaps away, just as: Ogelvy
            DIVE-TACKLES Fu Dog.

                         56     OGELVY
                      I gotchoo.  Achoo!

            Fu Dog escapes during the sneeze.

                         57     OGELVY (CONT'D)
                      Darn these allergies!  Darn them, I say!

            EXT. ASTOR PLACE - DAY

            Fu Dog runs up the street.  He pulls his pocket watch out of
            his wrinkles and stops to look behind him.

                         58     FU DOG 
                      I gotta lose this dame and get to the
                      game.  I'm missin' the national anthem.

            Fu Dog darts into:


            A permanent outdoor street bazaar in the East Village,
            bustling with shoppers and vendors of all kinds.  

            Fu Dog looks around for a place to hide.  He spots a shop
            called "The Scarf Man".  He ducks into it, just as...

            Ogelvy turns onto Saint Mark's Place.  She stalks through the
            teeming crowd.  Eyes darting every which way.

                         59     FU DOG (O.S.) 
                          (gypsy fortune-teller accent)
                      Madame Namfracseht knows all!

            ON FU DOG  disguised as a gypsy fortune teller, in scarves.

                         60     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      You have a question for Madame

                         61     OGELVY
                      Did you see a wrinkled stray dog go by?

                         62     FU DOG
                      Give me your hand!!

            He seizes Ogelvy's hand,  in it, then launches into a

                         63     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      Spirits of the spiritual realm, hear me!

            A pale, ethereal-looking JOGGER hears him and stops.  As he
            turns, we see a tire mark across his chest.  He speaks in a
            ghostly, echo-enhanced voice.

                         64     SPIRIT
                      Yeah?  Whussup?

                         65     FU DOG
                          (aside to Spirit)
                      Uh... Not you.

                         66     SPIRIT
                      Not me?  I don't see any other spirits

            Ogelvy is oblivious to the spirit.  

                         67     OGELVY
                      Listen, I just want to know which way the
                      dog w---

                         68     FU DOG
                          (suddenly "hearing" voices)
                      What's that, spirits?  Huh?  Who?  Where?  

                         69     SPIRIT
                      Oh, this is so fake.

                         70     FU DOG
                      The all-knowing spirits say... 
                      He went thataway!

                         71     OGELVY

            Ogelvy tosses him a handful of coins and hurries off.  But
            she STOPS IN HER TRACKS at the . 
            She WHIPS AROUND in time to see:

            Fu Dog's departing tail as he scampers down the stairs of the
            nearest subway station.

                         72     OGELVY (CONT'D)
                      Why you...!  Achoo!


            Fu Dog at the token booth, ducked below the window level.  He
            tosses the handful of coins from Ogelvy onto the counter.

                         73     FU DOG
                          (small child voice)
                      One please.

            ON OGELVY  coming down the stairs just in time to see Fu Dog
            going through the turnstiles.

                         74     OGELVY
                      Come back here, hound!

            Ogelvy sprints after him, tries to jump the turnstiles. 
            She's NABBED IN MIDAIR by two POLICE OFFICERS.

                         75     POLICE OFFICER #1
                      Where do you think you're going, lady?

            EXT. STREET LEVEL

            Ogelvy is HEAVED up onto the sidewalk.

                         76     OGELVY
                      Oof!  Hey, watch the uniform!  I'm in law
                      enforcement, too, ya know!

            INT. SUBWAY TRAIN

            Fu Dog peers out the window of the subway train as it pulls
            out of the station.  He  to himself.

                         77     FU DOG
                      Heh, what a meatloaf! What a meringuepie!

            Turning around, he sees a trainload of commuters staring at
            him in disbelief.  He tries to cover.

                         78     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      Which is to say... Woof.  Woof woof.

            The crowd abruptly stops staring and goes back to pointedly
            minding their own business.  (As New Yorkers are wont to do.)


            Ogelvy returns to her POUND TRUCK.  She looks at her watch.

                         79     OGELVY
                      It's almost 2 o'clock.  The 6 train runs
                      express to Lexington between noon and six
                      on Sundays in September!  If I can make
                      it to midtown before the train reaches
                      59th Street, I can head him off at the
                      next station!

            Ogelvy hops in the truck and , 
            maniacally as she disappears up 6th Avenue.


            Ogelvy's Truck  up the Avenue and  up onto
            the curb.  She leaps out and stumbles down the stairs into
            the subway station just as:  FU DOG emerges from the opposite

                         80     FU DOG
                      Well, I think that's enough excitement
                      for one day.  Now for some baseball!

            Just then Ogelvy is HEAVED out of the subway station.

                         81     OGELVY

            She sees Fu Dog.  Fu Dog runs.  Ogelvy pursues.


            Fu Dog reaches the S.E. corner of Central Park, and leaps
            over the low wall into the park.

            Ogelvy runs up seconds later, doesn't see Fu, glances around.

                         82     OGELVY
                      He can't have gone far.  Got to think
                      like a mongrel.

            She scratches behind his ear.  She  around.

            A lady walks by with a wolfhound on the way to the Dog Park. 
            So does another one.  And another.

                         83     OGELVY (CONT'D)
                          (starting to sneeze)
                      Ah... Ah...  Aha!  The park!

            She wheels dramatically.

            ANGLE ON: Fu Dog hiding behind a tree, as Ogelvy climbs over
            the retaining wall into the park, starts  around.

                         84     FU DOG
                      This gal is relentless.  I'm gonna need
                      help if I'm gonna make it to the ball
                      park before the seventh inning stretch.

            Fu Dog looks around.  There's nothing but trees and rocks.

                         85     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      Hey, you!

            One of the trees OPENS ITS EYES.

                         86     TREE
                      You talkin' to me?

                         87     FU DOG
                      You see any other Tree Elfs around here?

            Several other trees and rocks OPEN THEIR EYES.

                         88     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      Oh.  Hi, guys.  Hook me up with some of
                      that camouflage, will ya?

            ANGLE ON:

            Ogelvy, creeping through the Park.  A WEIRD SHRUB tries to
            tiptoe past her in the opposite direction.  She stops,
            sensing something peculiar, but shrugs it off.  The Shrub
            tiptoes some more.  She stops again.  Something prickles at
            her nose.  She shrugs again.  But just as the FU SHRUB is
            about to make a clean getaway, Ogelvy gives a mighty

                         89     OGELVY
                      Wachoo!  Aha!

            The FU SHRUB tries to make a break for it, but Ogelvy
            immediately spins around, whips out a net and NABS HIM.

                         90     OGELVY (CONT'D)
                      You're poached, pooch!

            Fu Dog  to himself, and glares at the local flora. 
            Several "trees" exchange embarrassed glances and pick
            themselves up by the roots and sneak away.

            INT. GRANDPA'S SHOP - DAY

            Back at the Shop, Grandpa is still deep in meditation.

                         91     GRANDPA
                      Relax...  Breathe...

            Behind him, Jake is sprawled on a pile of VCRs, .

                         92     GRANDPA (CONT'D)
                      Open your mind to...  Aiya!

                         93     JAKE
                      I'm awake!  I'm up!  Totally!

                         94     GRANDPA
                      Fu Dog is in trouble!

                         95     JAKE
                      You can tell just by meditating?

                         96     GRANDPA
                      No, by looking at my watch.  It's been
                      almost an hour since the last time he was
                      in trouble.  So he's about due.  We
                      better go find him.

            Grandpa grabs his hat and they head for the door.


            Ogelvy heaves Fu Dog into the back of the Pound Truck and
             the door.  And  it.  And  it.  And
             it.  And  it.  And  it.


            Fu Dog finds himself in a cage with several other dogs: A
            Beagle, a German Shepherd and a French poodle, among others. 
            A Chihuahua does backflips.  Fu tries making conversation:

                         97     FU DOG
                      So what are you in for?  Piddling in
                      public?  Grooming violation?  ...Mime?

            The other dogs give him blank stares through the bars.  He
            takes out a pocket travel dictionary, thumbs through it.

                         98     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      Let's see... Qu'est Que C'est...?
                          (barking, badly)
                      Arf!  Arf arf arf!

            SUBTITLES: "Fleas!  Cheese!  Fleas!  Cheese!"

            The other dogs back away from him, .

                         99     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      Hmm, I think my "dog" is a little rusty.

            The Truck lurches as...

            EXT. A BAD PART OF TOWN

            The Pound Truck hits a pothole as it rolls through a seedy
            part of town (a parked car burns on the side of the road).


            Fu Dog sits in the truck, fretting and wringing his fur.  The
            other dogs don't know what to make of him.  They slowly
            approach him, tails wagging.  The Chihuahua licks his face.

                        100     FU DOG
                      Oh, hey, down boy.  No mushy stuff, okay
                      guys?  I'm not lookin' to make friends in
                      here.  I got a game to get to.  That's
                      all that matters to me.

            He gets up and paces.

                        101     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      Okay, nothin' to worry about.  We're just
                      going to the pound.  Soon as the big guy
                      finds out, he'll come down and spring me. 
                      I'll be in the bleachers by the fourth

            He peeks through a slit in the side of the truck.


            The Pound Truck pulls into a creepy, abandoned factory.


                        102     FU DOG
                      Wait a minute!  This isn't the Dog Pound! 
                      What's going on here?

            Suddenly the cage door  open.


            Ogelvy stands before them in a vast chamber of cruel machines
            and equipment like a mad scientist's lab / factory.

            She flips a switch and huge mechanical pincers latch onto the
            dogs, dump them into cages, and haul them onto a stack of
            other cages filled with cowering canines of every kind, as- 

            Ogelvy waxes maniacal to Fu and the other dogs.

                        103     OGELVY 
                      Achoo!  Achoo!  Achoo!  .   
                      Finally, I will be free from my allergies
                      once and for all!  Thanks to this!  The

            She dramatically unveils a massive EMULSIFYING MACHINE with
            HUGE CLAW-PINCERS along a CONVEYOR BELT dangling over an
            immense VAT OF BUBBLING LIQUID.

                        104     OGELVY (CONT'D)
                          (suddenly cheerful)
                      I've captured one of every breed of dog
                      known to dogkind.

            She thrusts an accusing finger at Fu Dog.

                        105     OGELVY (CONT'D)
                      You were the last.  And now that I have
                      you, I'll use this to turn you into this!

            She whips out a tiny perfume bottle,  a puff.

                        106     OGELVY (CONT'D)
                      Concentrated Eau de Dog which will render
                      me impervious to sneezing, sniffling,
                      runny nose and watery eyes once and for
                      all!!  Henchman!  Activate the
                      EMULSIFIER!!  (then) Darn it, I need a

            She goes off to start the Emulsifier himself.  Fu Dog glances
            around in his cage.  

                        107     FU DOG 
                      And I am outta here.  Just a pinch of
                      unlocking powder...

            Fu pulls out his pouch, and sprinkles some powder onto his
            cage's lock.  It  open.  Fu is exiting the cage when
            the Chihuahua leans out through the other cage and licks Fu's
            hand.  Fu stops, turning to the dogs. He holds up the pouch.  

                        108     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      Sorry, guys.  I don't have enough to
                      spring all of you.  You're on your own.

            They wag their tails.  Fu hesitates.

                        109     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      Look, don't you get it?  You have to save
                      yourselves.  You can't just sit there.

            The dogs obediently SIT on command.

                        110     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      Otherwise you might as well just roll
                      over and play dead!

            The dogs ROLL OVER and PLAY DEAD.

                        111     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      Hoo boy.  You guys are hopeless.  Good
                      luck.  I'll send help as soon as I get to
                      the game, o.k.?

            Fu starts away but the Chihuahua looks up at him with big,
            puppy dog eyes.

                        112     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      Nah, don't even think about givin' me the
                      puppy dog eyes.  I invented that trick.

            They do it anyway.  The Chihuahua lets out a .  Fu Dog softens.

                        113     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      Aw.  I wish I'd never invented that
                      trick.  It's just too good.  

            Suddenly, a loud  rips through the air as
            the machine churns to life.  Fu turns to the dogs.

                        114     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      O.k. hold tight guys.  It's Fu to the
                      rescue here.  


            Ogelvy manipulates a control panel while the machine 
            behind her.

                        115     OGELVY
                      All right, let's begin...

            THE PINCHER - moves towards the cages of dogs as--

            FU DOG - tiptoes behind Ogelvy.  He is reaching for a lever
            on the panel when Ogelvy spins around.

                        116     OGELVY (CONT'D)
                      Not so fast, wrinkle toes!

            She works a joy stick on the control panel.  The Pincer
            slides back and catches Fu by the back of the neck, lifting
            him off the ground.

                        117     OGELVY (CONT'D)

                        118     FU DOG
                      Listen, lady.  I can talk, see?  I'm a
                      magical talking dog.  Think of the money
                      you could make off me.  Doesn't that
                      matter to you at all?  

                        119     OGELVY
                      Achoo!  Not one bit.

                        120     FU DOG
                      I was afraid of that.  Alright, you may
                      have me, but you ain't gettin' them!

            Fu reaches out with his hind leg and kicks the lever down.

            ON THE DOG CAGES - The doors flip open.  The dogs rush out.

            Fu motions to them, frantic.

                        121     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      Go!  Run!  Scram!  Beat it!  Save
                      yourselves!  What are you waiting for? 
                      Get outta here!  You stupid old mutts!

            The dogs glance towards the exit, hesitating.  [THEIR BARKS
            ARE SUBTITLED]

                        122     BEAGLE 

                        123     POODLE 

                        124     CHIHUAHUA 
                      [Go go go!!]

            En masse, the dogs race towards the platform, jumping all
            over Ogelvy and .

                        125     OGELVY 
                      No!  Ahhhh!  Bad dogs!  

                        126     FU DOG
                      Yeah!  Dog power!  You go, boys!  And

            Ogelvy falls back, hitting a big red switch on the machine.

            As the dogs basically tear the place apart, the pinchers
            raise Fu Dog up and over the machine's conveyor belt.  Ahead
            of him, a series of pinchers  open one by one to drop
            their contents into the bubbling EMULSIFYING VAT far below.

                        127     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      Uh oh.  Little help here?

            Fu Dog feverishly  through his phrasebook, but finds
            nothing he can pronounce.  He gives up and tosses it aside.

                        128     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      Ah, forget it.  

            Fu Dog looks down and sees the Chihuahua  and doing
            backflips while the other dogs .

                        129     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      Hey, Sancho!

            The Chihuahua stops what he's doing and perks up his ears. 
            The name on his dogtag says "Sancho".

                        130     CHIHUAHUA

            Fu Dog gestures toward the big red switch.

                        131     FU DOG
                      Fetch the ball, boy!  Go get the ball!  

            The Chihuahua whips around and sees: THE POWER SWITCH of the
            Emulsifier which has a BIG RED KNOB.

                        132     CHIHUAHUA

            The Chihuahua  like a junkyard dog and lunges across
            the room, hurling himself at the red knob, which is as big as
            his whole body.  He tugs at it mercilessly.

                        133     FU DOG
                      Atta boy!  Sic 'em!

            The Chihuahua finally manages to pull the switch, just as:

            The pincer starts to  open.  Fu Dog desperately grabs
            hold of it, barely hanging by his toenails.

                        134     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      It's times like these I wish I had a
                      giant pair of bat wings instead of a
                      sparkling personality.  
                          (thinks about it)
                      Nah, on second thought I'm good with the
                          (looking down)
                      But I could sure use a dragon, right now.

            Suddenly, JAKE AND GRANDPA DRAGON burst through the ceiling.

            Grandpa springs to the ground in front of Ogelvy, blocking
            his escape.

            Jake  onto the conveyor belt, right above Fu Dog,
            accidentally jarring him loose.  Fu Dog plummets to his doom.

                        135     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      I take it back!  No dragons!

            In an acrobatic maneuver, Jake dives off the conveyor, snags
            the pincer with his tail and catches Fu Dog in mid-fall.

                        136     JAKE
                      Scared ya, didn't I?

                        137     FU DOG
                      Nah, I'm always this damp.

            ON OGELVY  as Jake and Fu Dog spring to the ground on either
            side of her.  She is also surrounding by 200  dogs.

                        138     OGELVY
                      Please, don't hurt me.  Or get your dog
                      hairs on me.

                        139     JAKE
                      So what do we do with her, Fu Dog?

                        140     FU DOG
                      I have half a mind to emulsify her.

            Ogelvy  and makes puppy dog eyes.  Fu Dog relents.

                        141     FU DOG (CONT'D)
                      But the other half is late for a ball
                      game, so let's just get her into anger
                      management and call it a day. (glances
                      around at the dogs) Anybody else here a
                      baseball fan?  

            The dogs swarm Fu,  and licking his face.
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