American Dragon: Jake Long

episode 220

"Young At Heart"
by Laura McCreary

U.S. premiere: March 24, 2007

When Jake's youth is stolen by a magical creature, he makes the most of life as a 21-year-old... until he realizes that being a grown-up isn't all fun and games.

    "You try waking up in the a.m. with your booty six inches lower than it was in the p.m. and see what kinda mood you in."


Mythical Creatures:

  • Lost Horizon Home for the Magically Aged
  • Directed by
    Nick Filippi
    Written by
    Laura McCreary
    Story Edited by
    Eddie Guzelian and Matt Negrete
    With the Voice Talents of
    Dee Bradley BakerGRIZZLED GNOME
    Dante BascoJAKE
    Jeff BennettDAD
    Amy BrucknerSPUD
    John DimaggioFU DOG
    Charlie FinnSPUD
    Matt NolanBRAD
    Lauren TomMOM
    Mae Whitman
    Keone YoungGRANDPA
    Voice Casting & Dialogue Director
    Julie Morgavi
    StoryboardCarin-Anne Greco
    Robb Pratt
    Storyboard RevisionistsCalvin Suggs
    Character DesignMark Cote
    Celeste Moreno
    Jose Zelaya
    Timing DirectorsRick Leon
    Mike Lyman
    Mircea Mantta
    Soonjin Mooney
    Joanna Romersa
    Location DesignDavid Beall
    Bruce Berkey
    Andy Ice
    Prop DesignChuck Puntuvatana
    Jeff Wong
    Color StylistsCarol Berke
    Allyn Conley
    Jill Stirdivant
    Background PaintJill Daniels
    Main Title Storyboarded byLouie del Carmen
    Octavio E. Rodriguez
    Production ManagerWade Wisinski
    Supervising Technical DirectorAlex Teslik III
    Technical DirectorMichael Tyau
    ScannerShannon M. Fallis-Kane
    Continuity CheckerBarbara Donatelli
    Kitty Schoentag
    Music by
    Adam Berry
    Written by Billy Lincoln, Kat Green and Michael Gurley
    Performed by
    The Jonas Brothers
    Produced by
    P.J. Bianco
    Animation Production by
    Starburst Entertainment, Inc.
    Film EditorRalph A. Eusebio
    Joseph Molinari
    Assistant EditorJennifer Jordan
    Pre-Production Dialogue EditorJim Harrison
    Track ReadingSkip Craig
    Supervising Sound EditorHeather Olsen
    Animatic EditorAnn Hoyt
    Pieter Kaufman
    FoleyMary Erstad
    Craig Ng
    Re-Recording MixersMelissa Ellis
    Fil Brown
    Digital Audio TransferJ. Lampinen
    On-line EditorKeith Cook
    Recording EngineerCameron Davis
    Assistant Recording EngineerTyler Foster
    Original Dialogue EditorDavid Guerrero
    Dialogue EditorRobbi Smith
    Post Production SupervisorGeri Bryan
    Production SupervisorMark Brammeier
    Post Production CoordinatorsMark Bollinger
    Treasure Rawson
    Digital CoordinatorDena Ford
    Production CoordinatorDoug Markley
    Production AssociateSunisa Mekis
    Production SecretaryKaren Wong
    Production ControlRichard Honig
    Talent SupervisorCurtis Koller
    Script CoordinatorLeona Beckert

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