American Dragon: Jake Long

episode 105

"The Legend of Dragon Tooth"
by Catherine Lieuwen

U.S. premiere: February 4, 2005
German premiere: March 18, 2005

The Comedy: Hilarious babysitting hijinks. Jake, Trixie, and Spud try to juggle the responsibility of watching little sis Haley with their plans to attend the year's hottest music awards show. The Action: Dr. Diente, the Tooth Fairy's assistant gone bad, needs Haley's first baby tooth in order to activate his doomsday tooth monster. Jake must save his sister and the day.

    "My cousin Lawanda plays volleyball with the guy who brings bagels to the woman who runs the sound check."


Mythical Creatures:

Written by
Catherine Lieuwen

Story Editor
Laura McCreary

With the Voice Talents of
Dante BascoJAKE
Amy BrucknerHALEY
John DimaggioFU DOG, ELF, SINGER
Charlie FinnSPUD
Lauren TomMOM
Keone YoungGRANDPA
Voice Casting & Dialogue Director
Jamie Thomason
Storyboard Chris Harmon
Chong Lee
Vic Cook
Timing DirectorsWoody Yocum
Michael Lyman
Lead Character DesignBrent Gordon
Character DesignMillicent Henson
Location DesignBruce Berkey
Prop DesignJason Hulst
Mike Singleton
Background PaintNatasha Liberman
Color StylistNancy Ulene
Jennifer North
Storyboard RevisionsJose Zelaya
Continuity CoordinatorsJungja Kim-Wolf
Robin Police
Supervising Technical DirectorAndrew Schoentag
Technical DirectorMichael Tyau
ScannerShannon Fallis-Kane
Score by
Billy Lincoln and Kat Green
Written by Billy Lincoln, Kat Green and Michael Gurley
Performed by Mavin
Animation Production by
Jade Animation Co., Ltd.
Episodic/Unit DirectorKong Qing Chang
Layout DirectorKong Qing Chang
Layout ArtistsJiang Shan
Cao Xu Hua
Huang Jian Feng
Zhao Bin
Zang Zhu Jun
Animation DirectorKong Qing Chang
AnimatorsLi Jian Jun
Chen Yong
Cao Xu Hua
Su Wen Wu
Liu Jun Feng
Background ArtistsShan Zhong Wei
Hu Hui
Hou Xiao Ming
Unit Technical DirectorZhang Su Jun
Unit Digital SupervisorXiao Wei Wen
Digital Ink & Paint SupervisorsGan Li Zhen
Yang Wei Ling
CGI ArtistsZan Sang De
Zhang Xiang Lan
Film EditorAndrew Sorcini
Assistant Film EditorJoseph Molinari
Animatic EditorCarmen Woods
Track ReadingChristine Craig
Skip Craig
Denise Whitfield
Sound SupervisorOtis Van Osten
Co-Sound SupervisorMelinda Rediger
Dialogue EditorJason Oliver
Foley SupervisorJody Thomas
Foley RecordistTrevor Sperry
Sound Effects EditorsKen Young
David Lynch
Ron Salaises
Re-Recording MixersMark Ettel
Eric Kurtzner
On-line EditorKeith Cook
Original Dialogue RecordingPaul McGrath
Original Dialogue EditorDavid Guerrero
Recording EngineerCameron Davis
Assistant Recording EngineerTyler Foster
Post Production SupervisorP.J. Aminpour
Post Production CoordinatorsGeri Bryan
Production SupervisorMark Brammeier
Production CoordinatorMike Penketh
Production AssociateShawn Eddie
Production SecretarySunisa Mekis
Production ControlRichard Honig
Talent CoordinatorTony Ray Gonzales
Script CoordinatorsLeona Beckert
Dawn Connors

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