Man: But you only want this because it says, "Poona the Fuckdog" on it. Do you know how stupid that is???

Frog: I know, but I really want one. I collect them.


As you probably know, each production of Poona the Fuckdog and other plays for children has its very own T-shirt because of the scene in which the gullible Frog tries to buy a Poona the Fuckdog T-shirt from the evil Man-Who-Could-Sell-Anything.

So now, ironically, the T-shirts actually are sort of collectible.

The CHICAGO Poona Shirt
The SEATTLE Poona Shirt.
The NEW YORK Poona Shirt. [SOLD OUT]
The LAS VEGAS Poona Shirt.
The BOSTON Poona Shirt. [SOLD OUT]
The PORTLAND Poona Shirt. [SOLD OUT]
The TACOMA Poona Shirt.
The NEW ORLEANS Poona Shirt.

In response to numerous requests, I've decided to go ahead and make them available here on the website.

To order your very own Poona the Fuckdog shirt, send $12 check or money order to:
Remember to include your name & address and t-shirt size, and specify which of the four designs you would like.

It's as easy as ridin' a bike!
(Or a pony. A really angry pony.)

Here's what critics are saying about Poo-shirts...
Today was a beautiful Indian summer day in the city. I went to the office wearing my brand new complimentary black, white, and hot pink T-shirt with a lurid drawing and a proclamation of "Poona the Fuck Dog" at such and such a theatre on my chest. I can't remember the last time I saw a nun in this town. Today, I'm wearing my lurid advertisement on the subway, and seven nuns enter the car and sit opposite me. One of them, of course, notices, then nudges the nuns on both sides of her, who nudge their neighbor, etc. Pretty soon there are all these rosary beads going a mile a minute in silent prayer and utter disdain. Two stops later, I couldn't take it anymore, bolted the subway, and walked an extra half dozen blocks uptown. Ah, life.

Do you have a story about your adventures in a Poona the Fuckdog shirt? ...Send it to Zoom!

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