The Glove Theatre

Gloversville, New York

"The GLOVE" is an 800-seat theatre fifty miles northwest of Albany, New York. It is the centerpiece of the charming and historic community of Gloversville, population 17,000.

The City, along with the entire region, presents a virtual study of architecture and history from the initial settlements of the 1800's to the early 1900's when the theatre was built. The theatre was packednightly during the boom years of the Glove industry and into the early1950s, presenting a regular offering of the highest quality entertainment in the region.

With the golden era of Hollywood gone, the theatre closed in the 1970s, leaving the ghost of a relic. After twenty years of neglect, a Gloversville musician initiated a community effort to resurrect the old theatre and the Glove Theatre Restoration Project was born in 1995.

With vision, community support and careful planning, we are rekindling the spirit of this historic landmark and will ring in the millenium with a grand celebration in "The New Glove!"