Chicago Reader
August 19, 2014

Witch Slap

It's hard to understand exactly what Babes With Blades, a group whose mission is to feature strong female roles, saw in Jeff Goode's new play Witch Slap!, a show where barely one-dimensional witches fail at magic as often as they forget their motivation. Goode--probably best known for his licentious Reindeer Monologues--here gives us a sloppy farce that never really amuses and can't seem to decide whose team it's on: thieving men or conniving women. Maureen Yasko's "violence design" is well plotted, but lost in a set that feels more like a Hobby Lobby discount bin. And while Kimberly Logan plays it cool as the Crone, not even the wizardry of a subtle performance can poof this show into something worth watching. --Chloe Riley