Seattle Weekly
May 2010

Poona the Fuckdog

First performed 10 years ago, Jeff Goode's series of satirical children's stories could stand to update some of its political humor (interns and blowjobs, anyone?). The majority of the show's social observations, though, remain shallow enough to withstand the test of time: We're apathetic, easily influenced by mass media, and driven by consumerism. This is what we learn from Poona the Fuckdog (Monica Wulzen) and her cast of dirty-minded, whimsical forest residents, including a deadbeat prince, a talking television, and a magical giant penis. The production has its laugh-out-loud moments, as when aliens with Minnesota accents land and inadvertently start an adult version of "Who's on First?" But that's one of the few points when the actors allow the humor to speak for itself. For much of the play, we're exposed to comedians who desperately try to make us laugh by shouting progressively louder. Subtlety may be an unrealistic expectation for any play with “fuckdog” in the title, but Poona is sufficiently wacky without adding over-the-top acting antics. BRENT ARONOWITZ 7:30 p.m. Fri.-Sat., 4 p.m. Sun. Extended through May 29.