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December 19, 2008

Adult Fairy Tales

Posted by: Will Coviello

My only complaint about the NOLA Project’s run of “Poona the F**cdog” is that it’s only one week long. But you still have a chance to catch the show at 8 p.m. at Le Petit Theatre through Sunday Dec. 21. Jeff Goode’s mash up of fairy tale staples about lost dogs, handsome princes, dragons and talking animals is madcap in its careering effort to break every story-telling convention available. There are even tequila shots at the end of intermission. And indeed there are many questions a child might ask that this play seeks to answer with the childish impulses of adults. When a dragon menaces the Kingdom of Do, the citizens get together to decide on a plan of action. In the adult spirit of passing the buck, they decide that appointing a king is best, not because they expect this person to suddenly slay the dragon, but because at least the whole effort will be that person’s responsibility. (Can you say “BU-ro-crat,” children? I knew you could.) Similarly, Poona has troubles making friends. Do you want to be the brutally honest adult that says, “Boys will like you more if you put out”? Even if the truth hurts, this is a really fun show.