Times of Acadiana
December 16, 2008

Poona the F***dog (and other plays for children) by Jeff Goode

Don't be fooled by the title - this show's specifically for the grownups. Jeff Goode's Poona has been billed as a collection of "fairy tales for grownups," satirically sending up life in the modern world through the conventions of children's stories. Poona is a dog looking for love in all the wrong places, running into aliens, talking shrubs and mealy-mouthed salesmen along the way.

Perfect For: The Adventurous. If the warm fuzzies of the holidays are giving you a headache, this might be the play for you. A razor-sharp satire with a no-holds barred attitude, Poona is theatre on the edge.

Perfectly Awful For: The Easily Offended. A show that is definitely not for kids of any age, Poona is aimed to push your buttons. If you're quick to be offended, this show is going to be an outrage. You'd be wise to stay away.

When: Now through Sunday, 8 p.m.
Where: Le Petit Theatre in New Orleans.
How much: $15
For more information: Call 504-522-2081.