- April 14, 2006


The Fuckdog

Reviewed by Robert Axelrod   


POONA THE FUCKDOG and other plays for children (sic) is a highly enjoyable romp through several story lines woven together to create a couple of hours of pure fun. Poona, a cute little pooch played by cute little Jordan Savage, is fond of playing a game that has a lot to do with her name, in her big pink box, mostly with her handsome prince (Michael Lanahan). Guided by her singing, guitar-playing fairy God-Phallus (Matthew Garland), Poona encounters a wild array of characters as she commences to live a full and varied life, all with their own story lines out of the crazy head of writer Jeff Goode, best known for his MTV series UNDRESSED. 

Brandon Clark and Jordan Savage

There's Jasper and Cunt (Brendan Hunt and Andy Corren respectively), two hilarious pun inducing aliens who've landed on earth and are in search of a leader. Shrub (Bruno Oliver) is a Shakespeare quoting plant who's in search of better stage positioning. He manages not to get peed on. Philip Newby doubles as a talking rabbit and an angel named Gabby who serves a sarcastic God (Ruth Silveira). 

Four-year-old Suzy-Suzy (Laura Sperrazza) learns how to destroy people from her talking toy computer (Kimberly Atkinson) in the piece's sharpest vignette... and more. 

This all takes place in and around the Kingdom of Doo (get it?). There is a quick battle, nuclear war, action in heaven, and a talking television set (Atkinson again) who ends up being the King of Doo. The cast numbers fourteen in all, handling over twenty seven parts. Most of the actors play two and three characters, with most effective costume changes compliments of designers Rebecca Crown, Lisa-Anne Nicolai and Brandon Clark. 

Director Adam Bitterman must be complimented for his staging, which always had me sitting up in my seat like a good dog-errrr audience member in anticipation.  

The entire production meshes nicely as the vignettes send up myths about sex, politics, sports, government, consumerism, theology, computers, and television. The set, by Carlos Fedos, is simple and responsive to Bitterman's needs. The audience guffawed a countless number of times at the shenanigans.

Jordan Savage - Michael Lanahan

I recommend spending an evening with Poona if you want to walk out of the theatre with a smile on your face and a cookie in your hand. (they're given out at the end of the show). THREE 1/2 AXELS. 

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Photos: Haven Hartman

Reviewed By Robert Axelrod, April 14, 2006

WHEN: Now through May 27, 2006. Fridays & Saturdays 8 PM, Sundays 7 PM. No performances May 5, 6, & 7.

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