Poona the Fuck Dog and Other Plays for Children

Poona the Fuck Dog and Other Plays for Children took place at the Hydeware Theatre in Soulard Thursdays, Friday, and Saturday evenings from April 21st - April 30th. The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Seattle Stranger, and other well-known publications have raved about Poona the Fuck Dog.

The play, written by Jeff Goode, is a political and social satire that confronts capitalism, censorship, alcohol use, sex, television, war, the presidency, and more sensitive issues. Not a play for the easily offended, it is a play that crosses lines many have not had the courage to cross prior.

Poona the Fuck Dog confronts the issues through a set of fairy tales, with the main character being, well, Poona the Fuck Dog. Other fantastic characters include the handsome prince, the friendly rabbit, the French frog, and the talking shrub. The most fun character in the play, though, has to be the Fairy God-Phallus. He is indeed a giant, queer phallus and brings great wisdom to Poona as she enters puberty.

I was able to attend the final showing on the 30th and am thrilled that I did. The performance was hilarious, witty, and thoughtful. It is clear that Hydeware Theatre holds much talent. The actors involved in this play included Melissa Navarro as Poona; Rusty Jones as the Handsome Prince and a couple of bit roles; Ken Haller as the Fairy God-Phallus and the French frog; Emily Strembicki as God, the Devil, and an alien named Cunt; as well as many other talented actors.

Reviews for this play at Hydeware have ranged from prudish to positive and everything in between. I highly suggest visiting Hydeware Theatre for future shows. The theatre is located at 1921 South Ninth Street in Soulard.