Roanoke Times
December 9, 2009

Arts & Extras w/ Mike Allen

Now playing at Studio Roanoke: "Yes, Svetlana, There Is a Grandfather Frost"

True to form, Studio Roanoke offers what's perhaps the most offbeat bit of holiday fare this season:

Yes, Svetlana,
There Is a Grandfather Frost
Written by Jeff Goode
Directed by Todd Ristau
8 p.m. tonight - Friday
2 p.m. & 8 p.m. Saturday & Sunday
Tickets $15
Info: 343-3054

DEVUCHKA: Shay Mullins
MADAM EDITRIX: Stevie Holcomb
TSERKOV: Patrick Kennerly
BOLYSHOI: Brian O'Sullivan
SHIROKY: Chad Runyon

At a State-run newspaper in Communist Russia, a cynical journalist is asked to defend the Soviet Santa. "And even though your father turned out to be an embarrassment, and a traitor, you must still miss him, sometimes, at the holidays."