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February 16, 2015

Comikaze 2015: A Review


Dramanon's annual humour festival, Comikaze, was held this year on Feb 14th. It gave the couples a chance to have an atypical date and the singles something to distract themselves from the fact that they were single on Valentine's Day. The Dramanons of Manipal, Bangalore and Hyderabad performed eight short plays on wildly varying themes. Here they are, reviewed in the order in which they were performed.

Murder by Midnight (Manipal)

This was definitely Manipal Dramanon's best performance of the evening with plenty of funny lines and excellent acting. It was an unusual murder mystery that the detective solved purely through armchair logic without even once visiting the crime scene or interviewing suspects. His solution, inexplicably, turns out to be correct. The play was full to bursting with innuendos that were as subtle as the hot pink bathrobe worn on stage. Ashvath Singh Kunadi's expressions as the lecherous, time conscious hotel detective through the entire play were as hilarious as the best of the dialogues, especially in the scene when the same bathrobe was opened 'for research purposes'. Anoushka Sarat, the bathrobe-wearer, also did an excellent job as the promiscuous and gorgeous widow. The only downside was the scenes where two of the characters proclaimed that they were insane and ran around screaming to prove it. Since they acted completely sane, if not completely normal, the rest of the time it was an unnecessary addition to an otherwise brilliant performance.