Balancing Act
July 2013

at it again at the


Fringe Mainstage

By: Wayne Frazier

We were pleasantly surprised as we watched our first opera ever with music by Jonathan Price. The librettists; Jeff Goode, Jan Michael Alejandro & the composer interpreted five of Aesop's fables by weaving them into an operatic play that gave us a true appreciation for the art and taught us more than a few moral lessons. Our favorite, The Frogs & The Crane based on The Frogs Asking For A Queen, not only taught us to really think about how bad a situation may be before we ask to change it, but was absolutely hilarious. It had such catchy lyrics, it actually left us singing them on the way home. We were truly mesmerized by the talented cast: Kaylie Ann Warfield, Elyse Cook, Sarah Reynolds, Miguel Vargas, Kyle Hester and Jeffrey Stackhouse as they all powerfully bellowed out these tales. Thank you, Aesopera! You have opened our ears and our hearts to the opera!