Gay Vancouver
Tuesday, December 7, 2010

8 Reindeer Monologues: Santa's reindeer dish on the big guy

Written by Mark Robins

No, that is not the clatter of eight tiny reindeer on the lawn that you hear, it is more likely the sound of Burl Ives turning in his grave at the thought of 8 Reindeer Monologues being presented to Vancouver audiences this holiday season.

From director Terry Costa and his Mirateca Arts, the story of Santa and his reindeer gets a decidedly darker and adult update in 8 Reindeer Monologues, set to play the Lick Lounge on December 16th through 18th.

"8 Reindeer Monologues has a very simple structure," explained director Costa. "It literally revolves around eight monologues, one from each of the reindeer. The show is sexy, intelligent, controversial, funny, and at times sad - a dark comedy."

While perhaps simple, there definitely doesn't appear to be anything particularly politically correct about this holiday show with Santa's reindeer dishing out the real stuff about good ol' St. Nick. From Rudolph's "little secret", accusations of sexual harassment and the possibility one of those closest to the big man has a serious drinking problem, 8 Reindeer Monologues not only entertains but isn't above creating a little scandal of its own along the way. But Costa isn't apologizing for that.

"I do not find the show offensive in any way, but yes, it questions Santa as a human being with his own faults," he said. "We get the accounts and opinions from eight reindeers, just like in real life, each with a different view point on the same situation, on the same person they've worked with for years." That, according to Costa, is where the show is most successful, mirroring the real life investigators, reporters and paparazzi who hit upon a particular story.

For Costa this is not only an opportunity for him to get back to working with actors, after concentrating on music in recent months, but also to direct something from playwright Jeff Goode. "I always wanted to work with Jeff's material - who has written countless shows being produced all over the world - but this is my first opportunity to actually delve into it."

Despite its racier edge, Costa says in the end it really is all about entertainment: "With this show I want the audience to really enjoy themselves by watching something a little different this holiday season. I am sure each person that sees it will also take away something different. It's a fun show. Come have a drink, lounge with friends and listen to some pretty witty storytelling."

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus, but once his reindeer get through telling you what really happens at the North Pole we're not so sure you will be so anxious to have him come down your chimney.