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Local theatre gets holiday happy

Tallahassee Little Theatre performs festive drama

Jordan Rogers

December 05, 2005

No holiday season would be complete without a little scandal. The play The Eight Reindeer Monologues, written by Jeff Goode, personifies that very ideal with a tale of scandal, North Pole style.

The show's storyline surrounds the confession of one of Santa's eight reindeer, who accuses Mr. Claus of sexual harassment. The more the media gets involved in the coverage of this confession, the more the other members of the sleigh team want to share their stories. From elves to Santa himself, everyone has a piece in this Christmas tale with a twist. As one of the eight reindeer puts it, Santa's just "a walking, talking, holly-jolly, sex crime waiting to happen."

Upon first glance, the show might seem a bit unorthodox in the sense that the season of Christmas normally gives way to the typical Charlie Brown Christmas Special and/or A Christmas Story. However, once the audience gets used to the idea that Santa might not be so jolly and saint-like after all, they are able to laugh at the absurdity of the show and the craziness of the other characters. The eight reindeer themselves each personify a stereotypical personality. There is the tough guy (Dasher), the prima donna (Prancer), and the feminist, left wing (Blitzen). The story is delivered in a way that leaves the audience laughing, as well as marveling at how odd the whole idea of Santa committing a sexual assault really is.

The Eight Reindeer Monologues will be performed alongside David Sedaris' SantaLand Diaries, both of which are recommended for mature audiences.

The show will be performed at the Tallahassee Little Theatre, a local venue sponsoring shows that individuals who simply enjoy performing can be a part of. Originally started in 1949, the theatre holds eight shows per year, and all members of the community are welcome to audition for each. Auditions take place Sunday and Monday evenings, and they ordinarily require cold readings. A head shot, resume, and/or monologue are not required to audition but may be helpful in deciding where to place someone. Upcoming auditions include the January 8 and 9 slots for the show Nunsense, which is a musical starring five women and up to 12 ensemble roles.

Shows this past season included Steel Magnolias and Orpheus Descending. Another show performed this year was Tallahassee in its Own Words, a compilation of stories about the city of Tallahassee dating back 100 years - a celebration of the city's 100th anniversary.

The Tallahassee Little Theatre has enlarged its size quite a bit since its beginning in 1949 and now often doubles as a voting precinct, school dance practice area, a place for Sunday church services, as well as a location for wedding receptions and school recitals.

Tallahassee Little Theatre draws support from several large sponsors, including Magic 107.1 radio and the Ruby Diamond Foundation, as well as The State of Florida Division of Cultural Affairs.

If interested in purchasing tickets to any of the shows at Tallahassee Little Theatre or volunteering to help out with the sets and maintenance of the shows call 224-8474, or visit the theatre's Web site at www.tallahasseelittletheatre.org.

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