Ink 19 - Archikulture Digest - Number 43 - December 2004

The Eight Reindeer Monologues
By Jeff Goode
Directed By Sara Blackwelder
I Theatre Production Company
Downtown Media Arts Center, Orlando Fla.

We all love the shabby reality behind the glitter and gloss of pop stars, and Santa and his posse is no exception. Is Santa a lovable friend of children, or dangerous sexual predator? Do you see Rudolph a hero, or a feebleminded sex toy? And would YOU leave your husband alone with Mrs. Claus at the company party? All serious questions, and like all gossip, you believe what you want and who you hear it from.

Let's check in with the 8 current reindeer. No nonsense Dasher (T.J. Windsor), the overachieving take-no-prisoners deer, doesn't care about gossip. He has a job to do; anyone unable to pull his weight is just a reindeer dropping. Next we hear Cupid's (Mark Catlett) take on the situation. He's the openly gay deer, finds life a laugh, and has had encounters with Mrs. Claus that would curl your antlers. Vain Hollywood (Patrick Braillard) recently replaced Victor, who tragically died in bad landing. Santa had to leave the body, so somewhere SOMEONE got a little extra present. Hollywood appreciates the marketing value of the whole situation, from the family oriented claymations to the sordid details suitable for a late night HBO special. He's slick and commercial, and isn't that what the holidays are about?

We hear more and more, from feminist Blitzen (Liz Hargnett), Biker Comet (Rafael De Sivilla), ditzy Dancer (Anne Hazard), Sad Sack Donner (Jamie Cline), and ultimatly sexy Vixen (Annalisa Kyler) appears to set the record straight - she knows what's what, and how Santa operates, but does that make her a victim? You bet.