The Horace Mann Record
February 19, 2010

Comedy, Music Take Center Stage at Assembly

by Sarah Swong
Published in News on February 19, 2010
Volume 107, Issue 19

Student Body President Spencer Penn (12) stared intensely at a green fleece, compelling it to fly towards his hand in a humorous video and Star Wars spoof about "a day in the life of the SBP" at the second SBP assembly of the year. The assembly featured music, dance, fashion, and comedy in a wide range of student performances.

Dance III students performed a number they choreographed depicting a male student that meets "nerds, cheerleaders, and hippieactivists" who try "to recruit the kid to their cliques," Ethan Karetsky (12), who played the new student, said. "A lot of us are more actors than dancers, so it was more about telling a story," he said.

French teacher Micheal Dale and Math teacher Silas Meredith performed "Dear Mr. President," a song Dale wrote about a friend who was drafted in the Vietnam War.

HM Music Outreach club members Jacob Bass (10), Victor Bass (12), and Evan Griffith (11) performed "Yih'yu l'ratzon," a musical setting by Shawn McDonald to text from a Jewish meditation, Griffith said. "I thought it would be a good way to show off a piece of Jewish Liturgic music, an area that most are unfamiliar with."

David Yassky (11), Ian Singleton (11), and Evan Low (12) jammed out to "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand. "We wanted to show the school what we do, and we feel there isn't enough rock music performed for the school," Singleton said, adding that the group "hopes to perform soon outside of school."

Comedic acts also took center stage. Alex Posner (9) and English teacher Harry Bauld asked Dean of Student Life Dr. Susan Delanty to draw and "send" a specific card to the audience to prove her "psychic powers," Posner said. Ethan-Levine Weinberg (12) acted out the entire monologue play "Prelude to Pizza" by Jeff Goode that asked the audience "to don't blame the messenger."

A three-piece fashion show by the Fashion Design club rounded out the assembly with looks inspired by "the 1950's, the 1960's, pillbox, and Jackie O," co-President Alice Taranto (11) said. Frances Ikwuazom (11) sported a paper skirt featuring an explosion, Yasmin Rawlins (11) donned a voluminous, creamy yellow dress cinched by a polka-dotted sash, and Nicole Bleuel (12) wore a paper top with a print from a vintage store photograph. The outfits were designed by Taranto and co-President Zoe Kestan (11), Noah Margulis (9), and Rachel Scheinfeld and Daphne Taranto (11), respectively.

The assembly was planned for "entertainment value," Penn said in an interview. "In the drudgery of the middle of the year, assemblies are something everyone can look forward to." Alongside "school reforms," organizing an "enjoyable assembly is just another medium through which we improve the school."