Variety, November 29-December 5, 1999

Games With Names

    Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues" isn't the only play out there having problems with P.C. police in the press. Not surprisingly, Jeff Goode's new comedy "Poona the Fuckdog and Other Plays for Children," which premieres Nov. 28 from the Adobe Theater Co., is also experiencing some censorship.

What's in a name?
    Television has resisted the charms of Ensler's play due to its title. Over at the Adobe, producing director Chris Roberts finds that "Poona" is getting a mixed reception even in the more liberal printed press. "Time Out has been great. They put us in their fall preview," says Roberts. Other periodicals have been less kind. "Newsday not only wouldn't list the play, but they're not going to come see the show." And what about the Gray Lady? As of last week, the New York Times would review, Roberts said. Asterisks were invented for just these occasions.
    "Poona" is performed at the Ohio Theater in SoHo.