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August 29, 2013

Drama Nite ’13

The Drama begins- Drama Nite '13

The Drama begins – Drama Nite ’13

Humor. Emotion. Insanity. Mystery. Irony.

The Dramatics Society of BIT Mesra brought to life the aforesaid features and much more on the stage of the CAT on the evening of 27th of August, 2013. Aimed at welcoming the fresher batch, acquainting them with the activities of the Society and entertaining them all the same, the event attracted a large crowd.

The 'Drama Nite' showcased the talent of the 2k11 and 2k12 batches through both Hindi and English plays. Whereas the first Hindi play, 'Nimansa', depicted the life of an old Schizophrenic and his relationship with a busy but flustered son, the second play, 'Panahgah' portrayed the story of a man who was adopted by the circus owner as a child and was obliged to play the 'Joker' in his circus.

'Nimansa' : The story of a Schizophrenic

‘Nimansa’ : The story of a Schizophrenic

Much applauded was the performance of Ashank Kumar of 2k11, who played the joker, as he made the audience laugh with him at his antics as a joker, but brought tears to their eyes by his heartrending monologue about how his life was reduced to being that of a refugee's which he was incapable of amending.

'Panahgah': The 'Serious' tale of a not so serious Joker

‘Panahgah’ : The ‘Serious’ tale of a not so serious Joker

The first English play, based on the story 'While the Auto waits' by O Henry, portrayed the author's signature sardonic style of writing. It was about a boy trying to win the affections of an affluent and illustrious girl but with a twist in the end which had the audience in splits.

'While the Auto Waits' : The twisted climax

‘While the Auto Waits’ : The twisted climax

The final play for the evening was a murder mystery, a hilarious one though. Named 'Murder by Midnight', it illustrated how a sensuous lady lost her husband in a hotel while she was in the shower and ran to the hotel detective for help. How the 'third rate hotel detective' managed to solve the case amidst all the distraction created by the young lady, was something worth a watch.

'Murder by Midnight' : It was a thriller thriller night

‘Murder by Midnight’ : It was a thriller thriller night

It was an entertainment packed evening which succeeded in connecting with the audience and managed to leave everyone in awe of the talents before them.

Reporter: Anuva Agarwal Editor: Roshin Mathew

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