January 5, 2013

Florida artists join together January 7, 2013 at FLCT for Broadway Sandy Relief (Photos)


South Florida - January 7, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. The Fort Lauderdale Children's Theatre's Studio Theatre is hosting a dozen of Florida Theatre Professionals, Theatre Students, Theatre Companies all joining to raise monies in a one night only performance of Broadway Sandy Relief.

Broadway Global called a 911 for artists, actors, singers, dancers, choreographers, directors and patrons to come together and the response has been wonderful. South Florida theatre community comes together for the first time with so many different ages, talents as we raise monies and awareness for the needs of our nation." The South Florida Broadway Sandy Relief is January 7, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in The Fort Lauderdale Children's Theatre's Studio Theatre - Located in the Fort Lauderdale Galleria Mall.

"We hope to pack the intimate house as Florida's theatre community shares their time and talents to raise money for The Sandy Relief. Fort Lauderdale Children's Theatre has generously donated their theatre at Galleria Mall, so that we may open our hearts and unite our focus under one roof, in aide of our colleagues, family members and friends who have been affected by this disaster. This first step could be just the start of something new." Theatre Chat.

Broadway Global is asking for your presence at this event that is sure to be an evening of powerful performances by the Florida Arts Community that cares. As Floridians we can all relate to the horrific outcome of a bad storm. We also understand the need for aid from all sources, so we call on you to help us do our part. In these economic times it is hard to make ends meet, but imagine if you had no ends left? Our friends on the east coast need us now more than ever.

It is easy to forget that the need is still there once the disaster leaves the headlines. However, we must remember the disaster may be gone but the people must not be forgotten. The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy could reach some 50 billion dollars. There are so many left homeless, penniless, jobless. Our fellow Americans have been devastated by the loss of things we all take for granted.

Fortunately, The Red Cross, FEMA , The Actors Fund and countless viable organizations, continue to be an active presence in the lives of our friends on the east coast. Broadway Global invites all Floridians to become a link in this wonderful chain by supporting the Broadway Sandy Relief Event on January 7, 2013 at FLCT.

Broadway Sandy Relief show includes FLCT kids, Florida Stars (Amy Miller Brennan, Christine Oliver, Meri Ziev, Darius J. Manuel, FRESH Theatre Company, Kevin Johnson's Condrum Stages offering Comedy - Leon Arp, Comedy - Adrienne Airhart, Music - Erin Lister, singing Victoria Rose Brown, Poetry - Emily Maloney, A Condrum Stage short Play - Apostle John and Logan Moreno. Critic Choice students from Parkway Middle School, all join for a "ONE NIGHT ONLY" performance, with award winning Broadway show stopping numbers. All are sharing their time and talents to give back to Sandy Relief.

Did you know 538 people post #Sandy have already applied for help from The Actors Fund? Together with your support, they have distributed $205K in emergency financial assistance to date to help those most in at risk in our community to purchase food, furniture, medications, transportation & other essential needs. Thank you for sharing w/ those most in need this Holiday Season. Actors Fund link ow.ly/fUYoI

Cash, Check, Credit Card donation will be accepted as you enter Broadway Sandy Relief and the amount raised will be announced the night of the performance.

Special Thanks to multi-Carbonell Award winning Music director Eric Alsford who will play keyboard for those singing. Special thanks to Jerry Jensen who has offered to stage manage this huge event. Broadway Global's favorite SDC Ron Hutchins (Cirque, Destined to Dance, University of Miami) all join to bring you the largest Florida artists gathering in Broadway Sandy Relief.

"BROADWAY SANDY RELIEF". See The Sandy pictures. You can support the Sandy Relief performers by joining them on January 7, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. Fort Lauderdale Galleria Mall where they will all share their talents to raise monies for those still in need. The Studio Theatre is located in Fort Lauderdale Childrens Theatre at 2542B East Sunrise Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304.

Watch the video, if that does not inspire you to give back this Holiday Season nothing will. Broadway Global Sandy Relief Event will benefit the under reported damaged areas like that seen in this video. The video list interoccupy.net/occupysandy/rockaways and www.rockawayhelp.com to donate. Broadway Global has planned live "Sandy Relief Events" with artists to raise monies and awareness around the nation. How will you give this Holiday Season?

America must come together to rebuild the lives of of thousands who have lost everything. Is that not what the Holiday Season is really about? There are so ways you can give or donate your time. If you have a resource that should be listed please email direct to theatrechat@me.com or Call 954-383-5366.

"Our friend Michelle lives In Rockaway Beach, New York. We didn't hear From her until three days after Hurricane Sandy, when she left us the following voicemail. The damage In the Rockaways is extensive and under-reported. The Rockaways need our help." See the attached video in this exclusive examiner.com article by Alex Braverman and Poppy de Villeneuve and www.everyoneandcompany.com.

Also, watch the NYC Subway draining video in this artcile link, one can see how horrific Sandy really was. Pictures of food markets throwing out tons of food, viral pictures of walls falling, subways closed and the famous NYC Seaport left with bins full of trash, are all tragic enough, not to mention the loss of homes and lives on the coast. We must come together this Holiday Season to give back and rebuild for those who have lost everything. It is amazing what a small donation, gift of a blanket or water can do for a person who has it all. "Sandy Relief Event"

Broadway Global and Theatre Chat has put out a "911 call for artists, actors, singers, dancers, choreographers, directors and patrons to come together hosting events that will raise monies and awareness for the needs of our nation."

Theatres as far as Florida are organizing "Broadway Global Sandy Relief Events" Fort Lauderdale Children's Theatre, The Plaza Theatre are just two that answered quickly through the facebook event request, but you can organize and share your events on over 30 city/state Theatre Chat groups or Broadway Global's facebook fan page.

Donate time or attend a Broadway Global Sandy Relief Event. Email: theatrechat@me.com or call 954-383-5366 to ask how you can help. Donate to Red Cross or come to the inspiration of a show hosted by "Broadway Global Sandy Relief Events" and the arts community.

The storm could have happened anywhere, but it chose an area that was not expected. That is the lesson it teaches us. There is no true course of a storm. If warnings are given flee the area, have water, batteries, medications, special needs in an emergency kit and give one to a neighbor for the holidays (because they could be the one to save your life).

Neighbors pulled together heating food with bomb fires, camping out to watch their belongings, so looters would not take what little they have left. FEMA can't be there as soon as we all wish. Have your emergency supplies encase of a storm or tragic event. The gas lines are another story. Have a place to meet if cell phones are not working.

As Broadway Global and Theatre Chat organize the "Sandy Relief Events" details are posted on the facebook event as well as here on examiner.com. Please send your Broadway Global Sandy Relief events to be added to email theatrechat@me.com.

Share your "Sandy Relief Events" with Theatre Chat and Broadway Global. Find over 80,000 arts lovers posting arts FREE everyday on over 30 city/state Theatre Chat groups on facebook with Florida Theatre Chat, USA Theatre Chat, NYC Theatre Chat, Chicago Theatre Chat, Los Angeles Theatre Chat, Arizona Theatre Chat, North Carolina Theatre Chat, PA Theatre Chat, DC Area Theatre Chat, International Theatre Chat just to name a few. Your comments or post could inspire an article here on examiner.com.

With the help of over 30 city/state Theatre Chat groups on facebook Broadway Global unites theatres, actors, singers, dancers, choreographers, directors to create fund raising events for Red Cross, Actors fund or your choice of a not for profit who is giving back. "Broadway Global Sandy Relief Events"

Just days before Sandy devastated the east coast Broadway Global was taking pictures in Times Square. Set dressing crew were caught putting on the fine finishes with curtains for A Christmas Story - the musical, just out side the stage door. Here are a few links that may be important for you or a close friend www.nyc.gov, www.fema.gov,

"Don't let trains, planes or automobiles stop you from coming to NYC or Broadway. The city has geared up for one of the most important Holiday Season's Broadway has ever had. Polls show that Presidential Elections don't effect ticket sales but no poll can tell the effect on the "Grinch Who Tried To Steel Christmas," Sandy is gone. She left her mark on Broadway, but that mark has made the theatre district and Broadway performers come together making Holiday Season history for one of the best yet. A Holiday Season on Broadway with plays, musicals, and shows will give lasting memories." Theatre Chat.