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November 27, 2012


Interview By Peter Depp

The Eight

Nov.29- Dec. 9th

7:30 PM

1511 E. Main St.

Tickets: $10

Box office: 615-869-8617

The Eight Cast:

DASHER Scott Neese

CUPID Ryan Vogel

HOLLYWOOD Kelly Northcutt

BLITZEN Angela Gimlin

COMET Chris Todd

DANCER Arabelle Pollick

DONNER: Zach Parker/Sherry Sunday Booth

VIXEN Megan Blevins


This holiday season at Out Front on Main the Award Winning Director George W. Manus Jr. (I don't know if his middle initial is W. I just imagine George W. Bush and it sounds presidential) is bringing in Christmas with a cynical comedy about disgruntled reindeer. If you haven't seen a production at Out Front on Main then you should probably mark your calendar to see this play. George brings a unique perspective to every piece he directs. I've noticed in several plays that he not only works with the actor to deliver a heartfelt performance but George also frames each scene to look like a painting. He really brings a show to life by encompassing more than the average go on stage and say junk out of your face. So basically you really need to see this play. I got the chance to sit down with George and ask him a few questions this is what happened:

Q: So this is a Christmas play? So we should bring the kids?

George: Oh not this is not a kid friendly play. We are simply calling it "The Eight" to deter children. I'm hoping people think "The Eight" is like 8 inches because... IT IS.... Out Front on Main, you know

Q: In other words grab a bus and bring all the kids in your town?

George: Exactly.... No, this play is very racy.

Q: So it's a play about Reindeer that are disgruntled with Santa Claus? Why they work one day a year?

George: It's about Reindeer that are accusing Santa Claus of sexually molesting Vixen. Vixen is the sexist of the reindeer.

Q: Oh... So who is playing Vixen?

George: Megan Blevins, who is my muse, Im very inspired by her beauty and talent. It's pretty much the most important role in the show because if she isn't hot enough then the show will fail epically.

Q: Like cowboy's role in "Boys in the Band?"

George: Speaking of, Zach is playing Rudolph's father. Rudolph has been put into a mental institution because he was sodomized by Santa. Which his father kind of sacrificed him so he could be a member of the eight.

Q: Hot! So have you done Christmas plays a lot?

George: This is not your average "Christmas" play! I don't usually do "Christmas" plays but this script is compelling.

Q: How did you find this play?

George: Actually, several actors have told me about this play. I never had a chance to actually read it. Then my Vice President Ryan Vogel brought it to me to read. He told me I really need to direct this because it's my kind of show.

Q: So is it another boring monologue show?

George: No, we kind of added new twists to it. I don't want to bore the audience. That's why we are calling it "The Eight". We are adding an original element to the show. Irene Sturtevant is writing really dirty Christmas songs for the show and she'll also play as a narrator. There will be no black out during the show. Just cross fades of light.

Q: Irene is a sex kitten. Wouldn't you agree?

George: She's more than just a sex kitten. She is multi-talented.

Q: But, importantly her talent is being a pretty hot sex kitten, no?

George: Well she'll be playing the narrator and kind of introducing the scenes as they go.

Q: So who else is on the show?

George: We have a lot of new people in this cast. So it should be exciting.