Virtual Jeff's Mailbag

Dear Jeff,
      I saw "Poona the Fuckdog" performed by the Adobe Theater Company last weekend, and I loved it. I have never seen anything so incredibly zany performed on stage, and I wanted to commend you for such a bold vision. Its silliness kept the laughs coming while it simultaneously presented subject matter that so many people usually find offensive.
      Thanks again for a bold vision and an incredible show!


I really enjoyed "Poona the Fuck Dog." It was the best $10 bucks I've ever spent on a play. The ensemble cast was very good overall, with a few of the players performing on an excellent to brilliant level, including the Prince, the Shrub, both Narrators, and the Man Who Could Sell Anything. (This last role deserves particual kudos, as the tone shift in the second half could have easily been bungled by a less adept actor. Okay, it's not Swift or Sheridan, but it's FUNNY, alright? Most topical humor doesn't stand the test of time, so being very witty and more than a bit outrageous is fine especially when the belly-laugh/minute rate is so high. It's like one of those all too rare episodes of "Saturday Night" when everybody is really on and the skits are more inspired than self-indulgent. And I didn't have to wait for three years to get tickets!

Keep up the good work!


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