"Few fellows have found fancier, funnier ways to turn a phrase than Jeff Goode."
---Back Stage

"A perfectly calibrated send-up of English gothic literature ... Goode's clever writing comes marbled with alliterations and a well-sculpted structure... Funny stuff!"
---LA Weekly

"Linguistically bracing!"

"Jeff Goode's deeply silly, thoroughly enjoyable period satire on sexual hypocrisy"
---Los Angeles Times

"a comic ride through manners and blackmail of which Oscar Wilde would quite approve"

"There is no denying Jeff Goode's ear for the genre in his Wildean Victorian drawing room comedy of manners"
---Frontiers Magazine

"A play that slides between farce, comedy, and Victorian parlor drama with a giddy ease. Imagine Oscar Wilde on steroids"

"Listen for 'illicit elations', one of the most beautifully constructed sentences in the English language."
---Naples Daily News