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Rockport, Maine
February 27th & 28th, 2004

Strom Auditorium

25 Keelson Dr
Rockport, ME 04856

The 2003 WINTER PLAY is underway. Students worked with
the directors to select the Alfred Jarry classic Ubu Roi. One of the
most excessive political caricatures, Ubu Roi ranks with the most
original and powerful burlesques of all time. Performances in
Strom will be February 27 and February 28. The production will
be the CHRHS entry in the annual Maine Drama Festival and this
year we will be in Rockland for Regionals the weekend of March 5-
6. The State Finals are being held in Strom on March 19-20. So,
mark your calendars.
Cast List
George Eisenhauer
Mrs. Ubu
Leah Shrier
King Wenceslas
James Cummons
Queen Rosemunde
Marie Merrifield
Sam Lipman
Kyle Scott
Alyssa Manzi
Josie Gates
David Swift
Polish General
Matt Jensen
Czar of Russia
Tom Sagona
Ensemble: Saima Sidik, Allyson Ettinger, Tana Scott, Matt
Jensen, Will Russell, Brian Allen, Alec Donoso, Steph
MacDonald, David Swift, Melly Ford, Sarah Bridge, Shelby
Turner, Marika Shyduroff, Hilary Hanson, Corwin Flynn, Mike
Frier, Eliza Squibb, Saphrona Stetson, Jamie Bailey, Steph
MacDonald, Lauren Tosswill, Christina Phaup


Rockport, Maine
March 6th, 2004


400 Broadway
Rockland, ME 04841
Saturday at 12:00 noon

Come Support Ubu Roi at The Maine Drama

Actors and designers have been working since December on
Ubu Roi, the CHRHS entry in the 2004 Maine Drama
Festival. The Regional competition this year is at Rockland
District HS March 5-6. There will be three sessions of
performances. The first session will be Friday evening at 6
p.m. with 4 plays. Ubu Roi will perform in the second
session which begins at noon on Saturday. The third and
final session begins at 7 p.m. Saturday.

At Rockland, ten schools will compete for two slots at the
State Finals, which are being held this year in Strom
Auditorium (March 19-20.) Sponsored by the Maine
Principal's Association, Maine Drama Festival performances
are open to the public. Tickets will be available at the door
($7 adult/$4 student for each session.) Proceeds go to the
MPA. Ubu Roi cast and crew welcome your support at
Rockland on March 6 and again at the States if we are
chosen to advance.


Camden Hills Regional High School
March 20th, 2004

Strom Auditorium

25 Keelson Dr
Rockport, ME 04856
11:30 a.m.

Camden Hills saw three of its members named to the All Festival Cast. George Eisenhauer was named for his role as Ubu, Leah Shrier for her work as Mrs. Ubu, and Sam Lipman for his performance as Captain during the Windjammers' performance of "Ubu Roi." Rockland's Annie Marcotte won a judges' commendation for set design in "Variations on Friar John's Failure" and Camden Hills' Brandon Koons won for video design in "Ubu Roi." Camden Hills also received a commendation for production design - set, costumes, lighting for "Ubu Roi."

The cast below is from this page: http://www.fivetowns.net/chrhs/StromAud/Ubu_program.htm
Because of discrepancies with the other Camden cast lists, I have preserved it separately as the cast for the March 20th performance, but there is really NO indication that it should be associated specifically with these dates only or that one or other of the cast lists is simply incorrect.
Ubu                                        George Eisenhauer                                     
Mrs. Ubu                               Leah Shrier   
Captain                                  Sam Lipman
Dragoons                              Saima Sidik, Allyson Ettinger, Tana Scott
Messenger                             Jamie Bailey
King Wenceslas                    James Cummons
Queen Rosemunde              Marie Merrifield                                          
Damocles                               Kyle Scott
Dumocles                              Alyssa Manzi
Dimocles                                Josie Gates
Conspirators/ Assassins     Matt Jensen, Will Russell, Brian Allen, Alec Donoso, 
                                                Steph MacDonald, David Swift, Melly Ford, Sarah Bridge,
                                                                                  Marika Shyduroff, Hilary Hanson, Mike Frier
Priest                                      David Swift
Aragonians                           Eliza Squibb, Saima Sidik
Guards                                   Marika Shyduroff, Melly Ford
Lawyers                                 Allyson Ettinger, Tana Scott, Saphrona Stetson
Peasants                                 Marika Shyduroff,Jamie Bailey, Steph MacDonald, Christina Phaup
Advisors                                Brian Allen, Matt Jensen, Saima Sidik, Eliza Squibb, Josie Gates
Polish General                      Matt Jensen
Czar of Russia                      Alec Donoso
Messengers                           Saima Sidik, Saphrona Stetson
Polish Soldiers                      Marika Shyduroff, Saima Sidik, Melly Ford, Mike Frier,
                                                Christina Phaup, Hilary Hanson, David Swift
Russian Soldiers                   Stephanie MacDonald, Tana Scott, Alison Ettinger, Brian Allen,
                                                Will Russell, Saphrona Stetson, Jamie Bailey, Sarah Bridge, Alyssa Manzi
Ubuists                                   Everyone
Director                                 Rick Ash
Technical Director                Kathy Ryan
Stage Manager                     Taylor Sampson
Set design                              Brandon Koons, Saima Sidik, Melly Ford (artistic design), 
                                                Emma Sampson, Kelly Dishner, Simone Furst
Set constuction & painting  Taylor Sampson, Saima Sidik, Melly Ford, Emma Sampson,
                                                                              Kelly Dishner, Simone Furst,  Jill Roberts, Jamie Bailey,
                                                Brian Allen and Technical Theater students.
Costume Design                  Simone Furst
Lighting Design                    Brandon Koons                   
Music and sound                  Brittany Goss, Megan Kennedy, Saima Sidik, George Eisenhauer
Make-up                                Simone Furst,  Paola Maccioni and the cast
Stage Crew                           Jamie Williamson, Kelly Dishner, Jodi Newcombe, Adam LaFleur, 
                                                Emma Sampson
Video design                         Brandon Koons
Special Thanks                      Tori Manzi for help with costumes


Theaters Against War - New York City
August 30th, 2004

La Perla Community Garden
West 105th St. between Columbus and Manhattan Avenues

7:30 p.m.

7:30PM: ON THE STAGE IN THE LA PERLA COMMUNITY GARDEN, West 105th St. between Columbus and Manhattan Avenues, with a cast including members of the Shakespeare Workout performing the Jeff Goode translation. (organizers: Suzanne & Michael Kelly)


Sanbornton, New Hampshire
December 9th-11th, 2004

Ubu and Where's Ubu?

and UBU THREE (Where's Ubu?)
adapted by Jeff Goode from the Ubu plays by Alfred Jarry.
Directed by Craig Jaster
A children's theater adaptation of the most outrageous play in theater history! -Craig Jaster

Alfred Jarry's "Ubu Roi" caused a riot when it premiered in Paris in 1896 and is now understood as a major turning point in theater history. The concept of the anti-hero and the introduction of the absurd have since become familiar features of modern theater and modern art in general. It has been argued that the play has influenced everything from the abstract paintings of Picasso to the slapstick of the Marx brothers, to the music of the Beatles.

So what's all the fuss? Ubu, (played by gifted comedian 9th grader Ethan Lawrence), is your normal ignorant buffoon without a thought in his head beyond "what's for dinner?" Yet with the help of cynical advisors (including Kai deMello-Folsom as The Captain of Dragoons) and an ambitious wife (Hannah TirrellWysocki), he manages to become ruler of Poland-- briefly--before destroying it and barely escaping with his life and a few loyal Ubuists in a small boat. The tragicomic farce continues in the second half of the play, as Ubu takes on-where else?-America, having learned no moral lessons whatsoever, I regret to say. But that's no reason we shouldn't!

Featuring a large cast of students in 7th through 12th grades in constantly changing roles that include a Computer, Corporate Sponsors, Assassins, Lawyers, and the Czar of Russia (not to mention the entire Russian, Polish and rebel armies), Ubu promises to deliver an exuberant dose of hilarity and healthy outrage at some of the absurd extremes the course of politics and culture-or what has come to pass for it-can take.

Performances are December 9,10 & 11 at 7 pm. Tickets $4/$2 students and elders. Call 934-4240 for advance reservations.


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