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Westbrook High School - Westbrook, Maine
Spring 2000

Maine Regional One Act Play Festival
at Thornton Academy
Saco, Maine

[still looking for information about this production]
"My name is Rocky Rush and I was in the production of UBU. We performed UBU ROI for the Maine Regional One-Act Festival. We won four awards for our production. We received two special awards. One for the best use of shtick, and another for our piano player, who played music between each scene. Two of the actors in the production received acting awards. One for the part of Captain, and the other for the part of the Priest and Others. I played the part of Damocles in Ubu, and I thoroughly enjoyed the part. My favorite scene involving my character was the "Run Mother, run!" scene. Just let me tell you, during that scene, I ran out with Queen Rosemunde to center stage and ran in place, while trees ran the opposite way. It was so funny. I just wanted to inform you on our production of your great play. Thank you for writing a great play and for reading this."


Drama Training Institute - Newtonville, Massachusetts
July 26 & 27, 2000

"Drama Training Institute, in its sixth summer, gave middle and high school students the opportunity to work with other actors in a focused program leading to dramatic performances.

Performances July 26 and 27 included an abridged version of Mary Chase's "Harvey," Jeff Goode's "Ubu," Milcha Sanchez-Scott's "The Cuban Swimmer," Keith Reddin's "Throwing Smoke" and Allen David Perkins' "In God's Country."

[still looking for information about this production]


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