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Las Vegas, Nevada
March 21-30, 2008
Fischer Black Box

Thursdays through Saturdays at 8:00 p.m.
Sundays at 2:00 p.m.

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  • CAST:
    Poona - Heather Schouten
    Handsome Prince/Computer - Jason Lockhart *
    Shrub/Angel Mike - Amy Elizabeth Nixon
    The Man who Could Sell Anything - Brian Scott
    C**t/Fairy God Penis - John Ivanoff
    Jasper/Telegram - Tressa Bern
    Mr. Beer/Angel Gabby/Stagehand - Joe Hammond
    God/Aide - John C. Hughes*
    TV/Suzy-Suzy's Mom - Amy Harris Gardner
    Storyteller 1/Rabbit - C. Jae Gilmore*
    Storyteller 2/Devil - Alex Pink
    Jack/Stagehand - JJ Gatesman*
    Suzy Suzy Cyber-ssain/Frog - Christine de Chavez*


    Boston, Massachusetts
    November 6-8, 2008
    Student Theater at Agganis Arena

    Thursday, Friday & Saturday

    Directed by Solange Garcia
    Technical Director: Liane Hu
    Producer: Tracy Domitrz


    Storyteller #2: Kim Winnubst
    Poona: Sasha Kimiatek
    Man Who Could Sell Anything: Frank Cusimano
    Penis: Alex Shuck
    Prince: Nick Bove
    Rabbit/1st Citizen: Mike Carollo
    Guard/Devil/other bit parts: Steve Marois
    Jasper: Alex Burnett
    Cunt: Tara Thompson
    Storyteller 1/Mr. Beer/Jack Jacobs: Quinn Donnelly
    TV: Kelly Wrather
    Frog: Jason Gary
    Shrub/God: Chandler Stephen
    Suzy-Suzy: Jade Terry
    Computer: Nic Campos


    Asst. Technical Director - Danielle Freiberg
    Asst. Producers - Chris Hamilton, Raziq-Omar Jivani
    Stage Manager - Emily Shumsky
    Asst. Stage Manager - Ed Abramson
    Lighting Designer - Shannon Gill
    Asst. Lights - Ian Cohen
    Sound Designer - Jan P. Kaim
    Asst. Sound - Lauren Boczek
    Set Design - Matt Schoen
    Asst. Set Design - Alden Landis
    Set Decoration - Jessi McCarthy
    Asst. Set Decoration - Laura Jacobs
    Master Carpenter - Sean Byrnes
    Props - Will Wheeler, Carolyn Byrne, Rebecca Morgan
    Costumes - Bea Wissel
    Asst. Costumes - Kate Bischoff, Jessica Chen
    Make-Up - Katie Richmond
    Asst. Make-Up - Emma Sullivan, Sandra Hartkopf
    Build/Run - Keith Gildea, Kelly Banyas, Peter Moriarty, Rebecca Karsh, Natasha Cohen, Derek Dasilva, James Ikeda, Megan Masur, Jordan Callais, Alicia Donovan, Kathryn Smith


    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    November 19-23, 2008
    Cathedral Of Learning Studio Theatre

    Wednesday at 8:00 p.m.
    Thursday at 8:00 p.m.
    Friday at 8:00 p.m.
    Saturday at 2:00 p.m. & 8:00 p.m.
    Sunday at 1:00 p.m. & 5:00 p.m.

    Proceeds benefit the Pitt student chapter of United States Institute for Theatre Technology ().

    Enjoy this wicked play, a fun-filled and decidedly naughty fairy tale for grown-ups.

    A sexy yet cautionary tale about mass media and commercialism, the play follows Poona's adventures in the Kingdom Of Do with (among others) her Fairy God Phallus, the Television that is king, a thespian shrub and some lost aliens.

    This show is presented by the student-led University Of Pittsburgh branch of the United States Institute Of Theatre Technology (USITT). Proceeds from "Poona" will assist students in attending the USITT national conference. Cost of admission is $7. For show times and more information, call the PittRep Box Office at (412) 624-PLAY.


    New Orleans, Louisiana
    December 16-21, 2008
    Muriel's Cabaret Theatre
    616 Saint Peter Street

    One week only!
    Tuesday through Sunday at 8:00 p.m.

    Spicier than a candy cane and hotter than Santa's lap, Poona is the adults-only children's theatre that is a holiday treat for everyone who is sick of holiday treats. New York director Kate Kuen makes her New Orleans debut directing Alex Martinez Wallace, Richard Alexander Pomes, A.J. Allegra, Kate Kuen, Claire Gresham, Pete McElligott, Michael Aaron Santos, Kyle Herbert and Eli Grove.

    Andrew Larimer is the producer.

    A.J. Allegra.... Fairy God Phallus, Angel Mike, Rabbit, Guard
    Alex Martinez Wallace.... Man Who Could Sell Anything, Jasper, Citizen, Angel Gabby
    Claire Gresham.... TV, Stagehand #1, Suzy Suzy, Giant Killing Box
    Eli Grove.... Guest Storyteller, Devil
    Kate Kuen.... Poona
    Kyle Herbert.... Jack, Frog, Stagehand #2, Citizen, Reporter #1, Computer
    Michael Aaron Santos.... Shrub, Mr. Beer, Aide
    Peter McElligott.... Storyteller, C*nt, God, Citizen, Reporter 2
    Richard Alexander Pomes.... Prince, Telegram, Sparky, Kid

    Kate Kuen ....  Director
    Megan Whittle ....  Stage Manager
    Richard Alexander Pomes ....  Publicity
    Sam Dudley ....  Assistant Director
    Kyle Herbert ....  Sound Designer
    Scott Sauber ....  Lighting Designer
    Eli Grove ....  Set Designer
    Laura Jean Hoffpauir ....  Costume Designer