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Las Vegas, Nevada
January 22, 2010
(January 20-22 for the festival)
10 Minute Play Festival
(Student Directed Plays)

1001 Coronado Center Drive

Murder By Midnight
featuring Dick Piston, Hotel Detective

SOURCE: email from Kelly Burrows 10/26/09


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
April 30 - May 1, 2010
(these are the original dates given, but see performance information below:)

Apr 29
9401 99th Avenue

May 1 & 2

Alberta High School Drama Festival
Zone Drama Festival

10830 109th Street

Best Actor: Donovan Eckstrom

Murder By Midnight
featuring Dick Piston, Hotel Detective

Dick Piston - Donovan Eckstrom
The Woman - Jenna Barnfield
Bellhop - Jordan Paschke

information from Sexsmith Secondary School website (http://www.sssonline.ab.ca/finearts.html)

Fine Arts
Upcoming Events
Drama: Senior High Play Production - April 29th in SSS Gym, Zone Festival - May 1st and 2nd at St. Joe's High School

email from Donovan Eckstrom on May 1st says they just finished the drama festival

either the original dates were correct
or there was a short play competition with slightly different schedule than full-length play competition
or the last day of festival was only for those plays that move on to the next level

SOURCE: email from Liz Good-Gerow 1/21/10


Cork, Ireland
September 23, 2010
Variety Show

Maradyke; Cork City

Thursday at 4:00 p.m. & 8:00 p.m.

Featuring the talents of some of Dramats members, audiences were treated to a collection of various pieces including 'Dick Piston: Hotel Detective', a few scenes from 'Philedelphia Here I come', a modern take on 'Julius Caesar' and musical pieces from musicals such as 'Spring Awakening', 'The Little Mermaid', and among others 'Les Miserables'.

Dick Piston Hotel Detective directed by Jody Quirke
Julius Caesar directed by Eamonn Doyle
Philedelphia Here I Come directed by David Naughton
Musical pieces directed by Stephen Acton


Leicester, East Midlands, England
November 4, 2010

University Film Theatre


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A Night Less Ordinary

So, it was with excitement and a little trepidation that Proteus Productions met on 4th November in the University Film Theatre for the second Proteus Productions of the term, and it promised to be an interesting night.

First up was Friday the 13th, written by our master of the mysterious, James Staynings and directed by the double act of delightful doom (isn't alliteration fun!), Hannah Drury and Calvin Ward. The plot was that a group of scouts were camping in the forest, telling ghost stories, when they suddenly realised that all but two of them and the scout leader had disappeared. Who could be responsible? Was it the alien that suddenly materialised in their midst. Well, actually, no. It turned out that the offender was none other than Michael Jackson, who is in fact an alien from another planet who feeds on children. Of course, it was all a light hearted jest, and a delightfully silly play. Mr Jackson's lawyers should remember that I have absolutely no money, and that it's just theatre, not real life.

Next up was A Tale of Two Englands written by Alexandra White and directed by Lucinda Ackers, both newcomers to the Proteus Productions fold, and heartily welcome for it. A Tale of Two Englands saw a top surgeon realise that his girlfriend was very self-obsessed, causing him to accidentally knock down a young, poor woman. In trying to treat her injury, he discover that she was his long lost sister. A demonstration of how sometimes one day is enough to change your life.

A little early, but the closest we could come without missing it entirely, Proteus Productions took on a sombre and respectful note (for once!) as the audience and performers observed two minutes' silence for Armistice Day, taking some time to remember all those who gave their lives in the First and Second World Wars and all armed conflicts across the globe.

To end the evening on a high note, we turned to the writing talents of Tarik Sharif, a first time writer with Proteus Productions but one who I think will establish himself as a writing legend before long. The play, called Murder by Midnight was ably directed by the perennial Ian Murphy (who even had a cameo role in the piece). The plot revolved around a hotel's private detective, and the murder of one of the hotel's guests. A dame in a bathrobe and the dick on a time limit all came together with some quick fire puns and innuendos to make the play a great success.

And that was that for another night in the Proteus Productions world. Until next time, theatre fans...

SOURCE: http://proteusblog.wordpress.com/2011/01/17/anightlessordinary/


Woodbridge, Virginia
December 2-11, 2010
SNAPSHOTS: short plays

Lakeside Theatre

15200 Neabsco Mills Road

SNAPSHOTS: short plays

December 2, 3, 9, & 10, 2010, 8 pm
and matinées December 4 & 11, 2010, 2 pm

$10 General Admission
$5 Students, Faculty/Staff, Seniors, Children, Military

Tickets available at the door or

We are the resident theatre company at the
15200 Neabsco Mills Rd. 22191-4099

Murder By Midnight
by Jeff Goode

My name is Jose Pineda and I am the Treasurer of the Northern Virginia Community College- Woodbridge campus Theatre/Drama Club. This semester, we will be performing a series of short plays in December. Your show "Murder By Midnight" has been selected by one of our directors to be performed. As treasurer, I am required to get information about acquiring right from the playwright and send that information to the person who handles the club's finances. I hope you can get this information whenever possible.

SOURCE: email 10/19/10 from Jose Pineda (jp2719@email.vccs.edu)


Flagstaff, Arizona
December 7, 2010
Evening of One-Acts
presented by advanced directing class

Tuesday at 8:00 p.m.

Murder By Midnight
by Jeff Goode

Directed by Nathan Spector

My name is Nathan Spector and I am a directing student at Northern Arizona University. I just wanted to let you know that I will be using your ten minute scene, "Murder by Midnight", for my final project of my advanced directing class. NAU is located in Flagstaff, AZ and it would be incredible if you could be in attendance. I've extended the play to one act length (not by adding dialogue, but through style and blocking) and it will be presented in an evening of one acts by other students in my class. The date is December 7th at 8pm. Even if you aren't able to attend, I just wanted to tell you how much my cast and I are enjoying your work. Every rehearsal is a blast and the preview performance we gave got incredible response.



Austin, Texas
December 2010
2010 10-Minute Play Festival

3001 S Congress Ave
Austin, Texas 78704


Piston ...
Woman ...
Bellhop ... Matthew A. Garcia


MATTHEW A. GARCIA '13 (Jake) most recently appeared in Murder by Midnight as the Bellhop for Mary Moody Northen Theatre 's 10-Minute Play Festival . Cast bio notes from a production of Lie of the Mind at Mary Moody Northen Theatre November 10-20, 2011

Mary Moody Northen Theatre has an annual 10-Minute Play Festival (usually in December)
in 2011, it ran December 6 & 7:
https://www.facebook.com/pg/stedwardsMMNT/posts/ posted Nov 28.
Join us for the 7th annual 10-minute play festival, FREE and open to the public. Performances are Tuesday and Wednesday, December 6 and 7 at 5 and 8 PM. Reservations are not required, but seats do fill quickly, so come a bit early! For mature audiences. All plays are directed by SEU students!
So... I'm guessing Matthew refers to the 2010 festival. (Though that would not have been especially recent)
Show = "dphd dp_10min"; Title = "Murder By Midnight"
Featuring = ""
Link = "pndphd10.htm#Austin"
Theatre = "Mary Moody Northen Theatre"
City = "Austin"; State = "TX"
YearOpen = "2010"; MonthOpen = "Dec"; DayOpen = "7"; MonthClose = "Dec"; DayClose = "8"

SOURCE: http://archives.stedwards.edu/digitalcollections/items/browse?collection=2&page=9&sort_field=added&sort_dir=d&output=omeka-xml


Springfield, Missouri
December 10-12, 2010
Directing Class One-Act Plays

Wilhoit Theatre

900 North Benton Avenue.

Student-directed one-act plays will presented in two groups.

Friday at 7:00 p.m.
Saturday at 2:00 p.m.

Saturday at 7:00 p.m.
Sunday at 2:00 p.m.

"The Red Balloon" by Damian Trasler...directed by Melissa Seek
"Blue Christmas" by Walter Wykes...directed by Connor Eastman
"A Way WithWords" by Frank Gilroy...directed by Michael Faaborg
"Bake Off" by Sheri Wilner...directed by Jesse Lawrence

"Red Carnations" by Glenn Hughes...directed by Ian Geary
"Universal Language" by David Ives...directed by Laura Irwin
"Murder by Midnight" by Jeff Goode...directed by Abby Glenn



Dublin, Ireland
December 18, 2010
Shindig / Christmas Party

The Teachers Club
36 Parnell Square West
Dublin 1

Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

We are delighted to announce the date of our second Shindig of 2010, on Saturday December 18th at 7:30pm! As always the Shindig is a showcase night, where members have the opportunity to perform short pieces for their choosing of up to 15 minutes in length in front of an audience. So if you have a script you have written or you would like to try to direct something or you just want a chance to perform on stage, then now is the time to get your act together! (excuse the pun!)

Murder By Midnight
featuring Dick Piston, Hotel Detective

Directed by Sadie Sugarman

Performed by David Fleming, Alan Fitzgerald and Ruth Lohrke

In fact, some say that the first Shindig took place in a stable over 2,000 years ago. In those days, of course, they used oil lamps for lighting effects and the bones of animal carcasses for sound effects and props.

Last night the savvy Sheila Dooley and Cathal O'Donovan used the very latest in theatrical production technology in the cosy Teachers' Club to do justice to the 10 (ish) Shindiggerrific Acts taking to the stage.

There was the smell of aniticipation in the air, some people thought it was mince pies, as each member took to the stage. Some members teamed up to write their own plays, starting weeks ago and ending with applause from the sweaty audience. Others choose the lonely monologue route, Shane Robinson moved the audience with his emotional tale of love titled 'Speechless', Chris O'Reagan gave a strong and convincing performance drawing from an excerpt from 'American Buffalo' while Tom Murphy caused the audience to wipe away tears of pride in his own play 'Mocking Birds'. There was a buffet of other 15 minute performances which were halariously performed and exectued with ease. 'A Matter of Husbands' by Ferenc Molnar (Translated by Benjamin Glazer) was directed and performed by Alan Rogers with the classy Paula Madden and wonderfully innocent Caoimhe Cooke reminding us all that we should remain suspicious of our men! The night was opened by a play written and directed by No Drama's number one fan and favourite Jenny Byrne aka Dave MacGowans mrs, which sent shivers down the spine, acted by Declan Ryan, Brian Quinn and the 'one line wonder' Grainne O'Sullivan. Grainne also appeared alongside Dearbhla Lawlor, Rachel Byrne and Ann Hogan in 'Revolting Women' written by the yummy Joe Kearney inspired by a photography of 1916 Rebellion widows. This was a strong piece, by strong women which reminded us of our own lack of political passion today. 'Out of the Frying Pan' written and performed by Alan Rogers and Ruairi de Burca with acting support from Damien Holmes was earily familiar to many in the audience by presenting hell as your typical office scene, with paper pushing and endless typing.... !

The Couple was written, directed and performed by our very own Brian Quinn along side Angela Carlin. The piece was enough to put you off dating for life was was performed over the entire Shindig in fives scenes. Equally funny was 'Murder by Midnight' by Jeff Goode, directed by the sweet Sadie Sugarman and performed by David Fleming, Alan Fitzgerald and Ruth Lohrke. A play of murder, intrigue, more murder and a lady in a towel, had the crowd in stitches. Along a more serious theme but contining with the theme of professional murder, Mr. Suit himself, Neil Curran and Mr. I'm-getting-married-in-February, Dave McGowan, gave two strong performances from an excerpt from 'Heat', directed by Shane Robinson.

Greeting you as Front of House with smiles wider than an Irish Budget Deficit was Patrick O'Callaghan and the backstage crew were Maria Dillon and Ellen Hallinan.

Thanks to all who helped and took part and it was brilliant to see so many people who had not been on stage with No Drama before put in so much work!

---SOURCE: posted Dec 20, 2010 on nodramatheatre.com website

SOURCE: email from Sadie Sugarman 11/11/2010