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Frankie Little Hardin - 40th Street Stage frankielhardin@aol.com Sign us up for "7 Santas". We loved hosting "the 8"; very pleased with the production, and the more I worked on the script, the more I appreciated your perverse genius. We'ddo a December run, if approved. Probably open December 7 and close on December 30, with a total of ten shows.

Jocelyn Beard kitowski@computer.net OMG - Count me in!

Jane Stojak -Triangle Janestojak@aol.com I am very interested in staging 7 Santas this Holiday season.

LB Hamilton: LBHamiltonVA@aol.com YAHOO I can't wait to read it and will start looking at getting it a space for next Xmas in "these -here parts" Let's see if we can get you in every state of the Union next holiday season - what a gas that would be! In the meantime I'm turning folks onto Ring Cycle and have two singers - one a true DIVA, very hungry to move forth. Will keep you updated.

Sean Judge - seanjudge1@gmail.com My theater is very interested in doing your new 7 Santas play... I forwarded your e-mail about it to my artistic directors, but they just wanted me to contact you directly since I knew ya, n' stuff. Nova Arts Project

Thatcher Williams - tfac@theaterforachange.com Kim Busbee of AriesWorks entertainment in Des Moines Iowa approached our small theatre troupe "Theater ... for a change" about the idea of jointly producing 7 SANTAS. Her husband, John, and I have worked on several projects together in the past. She just informed me of your play last night.

Chris Flieller Thanks for the info. I just ordered a copy. We have our x-mas show selected for this season, but '08-'09 is still wide open. Maybe The 8 and The 7 in the same evening, or on concurrent evenings, hmm?

Dale Morris - 6th@Penn: - dmorris466@cox.net Thank you so much - we had planned to bring back The Eight - but I'll read santas. NO - but doing 8rm

John Sefel - Ghostlight: ghostlight_theater@yahoo.com We're looking forward to reading the new one! Although our season has been voted on, we did leave the Nov/Dec slot open for a possible (and MUCH called-for) third staging of "The Eight." Maybe this will force an emergency vote instead!

Chris Kawolsky - Downstairs Cabaret, Rochester: chris@downstairscabaret.com Thanks for your E-Mail. I would certainly be interested.

Christopher Butterfield - clb@bckseet.com Bckseet Productions - Nov 30 - Dec 22 I can tell you with 99% certainty that we will be running it in the same time slot next year to follow up our WIDELY successful run of THE EIGHT. Next year we intended on bumping up the number of performances from 7 to at least 12, hopefully 15 or 16.

David McGinnis - Circle Players in Nashville McGinnisD@gogowwv.com I would love to look over Seven Santas to see if we can possibly get this show slotted for our Holiday season.

Zagones are interested in Portland - nickzagone@msn.com

Jerry Rapier from Plan-B Theatre Company wants to order a copy of script 3/18 jerry@planbtheatre.org

Footlight Players - Charleston - andra@positusonline.com - Not anymore - Andra left the company

Chico Cabaret - Chico jeffdickenson@gmail.com

Academy Community Theater - colorado - aventola@gmail.com - possibly March 2008 as first prodn of new season (doing 8 in 2007)

Fragile Theatre Partnership - Jayne Connell, Company Director (fragiletheatrepartnership@hotmail.co.uk)
Help! Have looked everywhere for copies of the above as our theatre company is now reading for it's Christmas Season and we would REALLY love to read both of these to see which one will fit best with our warped and alternative reputation for Christmas Shows here in Bristol at the Alma Tavern Theatre!!! We are a reputable and established company over here and would love to consider launching one of your shows this Christmas!

David@denverrep.com Ordered copy of 7Sant from BPPI

Renaissance Theatre - Huntsville http://www.renaissancetheatre.net/ Dec 7-8 & 13-15 (with The Eight)

Sally Opfer - Sally@hartel.net - Cedar County


OPEN FIST kiddomatic@aol.com

Christmas 2009




Dungarvan, Ireland
June 26 & 27, 2009
CANCELLED - actor dropped out of showcase
123 Festival of Drama

Dungarvan Town Hall Theatre

Hi Jeff, just a quick query. You may remember, I did a production of Reindeer Monologues here in Ireland 2 Xmases ago, in Cork City. I run a drama festival for my local County drama groups, that's on the end of this month. One of the competitors (a male) wants to do an Extract from your play, Seven Santas (The Answer is Elves monologue). Could you let me know if we can get the rights from you to do that? And the cost? Attached is a poster and entry form for the competition so you can see what it's about. The competition is totally for amateur actors, rather than professionals or students. All the best and thanks again James Hyde Ballinadine Lismore Co Waterford
SOURCE: email 6/1/09 from James Hyde


Las Vegas, Nevada
Christmas 2009

CANCELLED - Appears to have been dropped from their season.

Fischer Black Box

Hello Jeff

No, much to our regret we are not producing 7 Santas [in 2008]. I'm hoping we can next year. I'll get in touch with our contacts at the Sun & the Weekly to see if we can get it removed from the calendar.

Wishing you well.

Megan Marquez

SOURCE: email from Megan Marquez (info@lvlt.org) 12/8/08


San Diego, California
December 2009
Tenth Avenue Theatre
930 Tenth Avenue

San Diego Premiere!
I was in a production of your "Eight Rendeer Monologues" in San Francisco two years ago, so I was very excited when I saw that "Seven Santas" had been published. I recently received it in the mail and am very interested in adding it to the 2009 season of plays with my theatre company. Will the rights be available for a San Diego production in December of 2009?

Also, I noticed that my friend Michelle Lema was in a production in Los Angeles. She mentioned that she had worked with you and that it was a great time.


Rock Hill, South Carolina
December 3-6, 2009