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Saint Louis, Missouri
January 8-10, 2009
One Act Plays 2009

One Act Plays 2009

Branson High School presents - Check Please 2, directed by Debbie Corbin performed Friday
Fulton High School presents - The Paper Bag Bandit Rides AGAIN, directed by Mikelle Cortez performed Saturday
Hazelwood West High School presents - The Bald Soprano, directed by Grover Smittle performed Thursday
Normandy High School presents - The Watershed Syndrome, directed by Camille Morgan and Cathy Gray performed Friday
Parkway North High School presents - Check Please, directed by Chad Little performed Friday
Parkway South High School presents - Oprah Made Me Do It, directed by Shannon Gallaher performed Friday

presents - Jolly Jack Junior, directed by Amie Kirn performed Saturday
    featuring Collin Rogers and Gigi Stroncek
Popular Bluff High School presents - Chamber Music, directed by JoNell Seifert performed Thursday

Jolly Jack Junior

directed by Amie Kirn

featuring Collin Rogers and Gigi Stroncek

Actually yes We did it last Spring. But my director thought it was the best out of our school, and we are actually taking it to ITS state this winter, and performing it there.

From January 8-10th, 23 members of International Thespian Society (Theatre Honors Society) will travel to UMSL to participate in the MO-Thespians State Conference. Selected seniors will audition for Acting, Education, and Theatre for Life Scholarships. Senior Collin Rogers and junior Gigi Stroncek will perform in the One-Act Jolly Jack Junior. Senior Drew Arnett and junior Julie Schnedier will perform and junior Belinda Bing will stage manage in the All-State Production A Midsummer Night's Dream. This conference will allow students to attend workshops presented by theatre professionals and directors, and participate in technical and acting challenges. We wish all of the performers and auditionees luck! Break-a-Leg!!

See also: 2008 production


Charlottesville, Virginia
January 23-25, 2009
7th Annual One-Act Play Festival

479 Tandem Lane

Friday & Saturday at 7:00 p.m.
Sunday at 2:00 p.m.

One-Act Play Festival - Next weekend, the Upper School Drama Program will present the 7th Annual festival of one act plays. It will be a diverse collection of irony, parody, insight, raucous humor and zany fun. From modern classic to edgy performance art, these five plays will cover enough of the human landscape to leave our audiences satisfied with a great evening at the theater. The material is absolutely appropriate for high school students and may need a little translation and explanation for younger audience members. Irony, parody and the absurd (which we will serve up) may be lost on a less experienced audience so we're not making a "family audience" recommendation. There have been rumors of faculty members serenading our audience. Come see if this is true. Tickets may be reserved through Louise Cole and ticket prices are $7 for adults and $5 for students and seniors.

Jolly Jack Junior: The Buccaneer's Bairn

Directed by Clinton Johnston

Hey Jeff -

Just wanted to drop you a line to say I'm doing Jolly Jack Junior: The Buccaneer's Bairn for a high school here in Charlottesville. (At least, I will be if Baker's Plays gets off their ass with our rights request.) Anyway, get this ... it's a Friends school, as in The Society of Friends, The Quakers.

- caj

Herr Goode -

Ah yes. Sadly enough our little pirates have sunk in the shoals.

Our Captain Jack has missed a total of two weeks of rehearsal owing to pulled wisdom teeth and bronchitis. And now our Jolly Jack Junior will the first couple of days of tech week for said inauguration. We have looked at the ticking clock and what is still left to be done and called it a day, sad to say. Sorry for the disappointment.

- caj

SOURCE: email Clinton Johnston Dec 9, 2008 / Jan 18, 2009


Burlington, Vermont
February 18, 19, 20, 2009
Festival of One-Act Plays

52 Institute Road

2 times in 10 minutes at the 7-11 on 5th
Fairy Tale for Boy and Girl
and Your Swash Is Unbuckled

Your Swash Is Unbuckled
  • Jolly Jack Junior: The Buccaneer's Bairn
  • Lewd Loves of a Lusty Laundress
  • Gladiators Glorious
  • Dueling Damsels


Jacksonville, Alabama
April 13, 2009
One Act Series (April 6-7 & 13-14)

Blackbox Theater
Ernest Stone Center for Performing Arts

Dear Mr. Goode,
I'm writing you because I wish to direct a production of Jolly Jack Junior for a series of one acts at my school (Jacksonville State University). I was wondering about rights, royalties, etc. The show will only be put on once and I doubt we will be charging admission. I am ordering 3 copies of the script from Baker's Plays and was wondering what else needed to be done. Thank you for your time,
Adam Fulmer

Jolly Jack Junior: The Buccaneer's Bairn

Directed by Adam Fulmer

SOURCE: email Adam Fulmer Feb 18, 2009


Okotoks, Alberta, Canada
Spring 2009

I am a grade twelve student, At the Foothills composite high school and Alberta high school of fine arts mailing you with regards to your play and the royalties attached to it. I am interested in directing it Jolly Jack Junior for my grade twelve directing project. i plan on doing one performance for a public audience that donates a canned food item to get in. May I please have your permission to put up your play? Can you please tell me what the realities are?

Thank-you Michael Rinvold

Jolly Jack Junior: The Buccaneer's Bairn

Directed by Michael Rinvold

SOURCE: email Michael Rinvold c/o Jody Swift March 10, 2009


Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
June 25-28, 2009
One Act Cabaret

Nickle Studio, C.A.T. Studios

Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

Hi I am inquiring about performance rights for your play "Jolly Jack the Buccaneers Bairn". We are Central Alberta Theatre, a community theatre company. We will be doing a One Act Cabaret June 25,26 & 27. we would do one performance of your play each day. Thanks for you time hope to hear from you soon. Val Corsiatto Central Alberta Theatre 4214 58 St Red Deer, AB T4N 2L6 403-347-8111 ext3 cat@centralalbertatheatre.ca


Jolly Jack Junior: The Buccaneer's Bairn

Directed by Sharon-Eve Lang

One-Act Cabaret - featuring:
    Finding Sisters
    Jolly Jack Junior The Buccaneer's Bairn
    Left To Right
    Philip Glass Buys A Loaf Of Bread
    Poetry As Theatre
    Post-Its (Notes On A Marriage)
    The Green Room

SOURCE: email from Val Corsiatto March 25, 2009


McLean, Virginia
Spring 2009
Student Directed One Act Festival 2009

8328 Georgetown Pike


Jolly Jack Junior: The Buccaneer's Bairn

Directed by Kelly McKinley

SOURCE: email from Val Corsiatto March 25, 2009