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Christmas II

It's a Wonderful Nativity

by Jeff Goode

copyright © 2013

Jesus Christ was a child star who quickly faded into obscurity. And everyone involved in his Nativity saw their lives fall into ruins -- from the Orient King who gave away all his gold, to the Talking Sheep who joined a circus freak show, to the alcoholic Angel whose media blitz fell apart when the newborn king and his family fled into divine witness protection. Now, 30 years after his birth, the Ghosts of Nativities Past converge on Bethlehem to try to teach Jesus Christ the true meaning of Christmas.
Jesus Christ was a child star who never went anywhere and everyone involved in his Nativity saw their lives fall into ruin - from the wise man who bet all his gold on the newborn king, to the talking sheep who became a pariah, to the herald angel who had to go tell it on a mountain. Not to mention the "newborn king" himself, who spent his entire childhood running from the law.

But 30 years later, with Israel under the boot heel of Roman oppression, the victims of the First Nativity return to Bethlehem one last time to try convince Jesus Christ to become the Messiah he never was.

Cast Size: 6m / 5f
Running Time: 90 minutes


  • Los Angeles Times: "The result is hilarious... Pithy epigrams abound... could make Christmas a perennial pleasure"

  • Tolucan Times: "This script is political, raunchy, funny, bawdy, sweet, and certifiably insane, in turns."

  • StageSceneLA: "The laughs come fast and furious. Jeff Goode's latest could well turn into another holiday season franchise à la Reindeer Monologues."

  • NoHo Arts District: "Christmas 2 Is A Pure Comic Holiday Romp Of Laughter!"

  • ERI Jams: "Christmas 2 keeps your mind reeling and your laughter rolling!"