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Aesop Refabled

by Nicole B. Adkins, Jeff Goode, Adam Hahn, Samantha Macher, Liz Shannon Miller, Dominic Mishler, Mike Rothschild & Dave Ulrich

copyright © 2012
Aesop Refabled is published by YouthPLAYS.

Cupcake bullies, tween warriors, and apocalyptic yellow butterfly people... there is something for every pre-teen (or pre-teen at heart) in this innovative offering!

The Aesop Project is a brand new collection of 8 short plays by the Playwrights Wing of based on lesser-known Aesop's fables, and designed to compliment the California Education Standards for grade 6, which includes study of Aesop as a part of Greek History. We have also designed a study guide to go along with the production. This program was developed in response to the limited quantity of professional theatre performances specifically designed for pre-teen and middle school students. The play runs 45-50 minutes, and will be available for bookings beginning Fall of the 2012-2013 school year.

Cast Size: 2-5
Running Time: 7-10 minutes each