Springfield 2015

Ever wonder what it's like to be a professional costumer?

This is something I made for our last show, Your Swash is Unbuckled by Jeff Goode. For one scene, the director asked for a "horrifying, ENORMOUS codpiece. About the size of a slow pitch softball. Scream-inspiring". This one is loosely patterned from pictures of German Landsknecht codpieces of the mid-5th/16th centuries and made from scrap fabrics that coordinated with the rest of the actor's costume. It is, in fact, the size of a slow-pitch softball, and upon seeing it in rehearsal for the first time, the actress in the scene screamed and then fell over laughing and couldn't resume for about 10 minutes.

--Katie Eickhoff

Mark Hardiman:
Yep, it was for the Prince. Hysterical! Our costumer Katie Eickhoff came up with it following the request that his codpiece be the size of a Slow Pitch softball. The red tassel on the end was marvelous in performance.