Poona Does Re-Bar

Photos from the Seattle production

The Storyteller
Poona and the Storyteller
The Handsome Prince
Poona's Pink Box
Poona and Rabbit in the forest
Shrub does Shakespeare ("To be, or not to be... a shrub")
The Frog and the Prince ("Maybe you should have treated her with more respect in the first fairy tale")
Stump God, Win $500
Jasper and Cunt ("We're trapped in your play and we need your help.")
Assassination of Mr. Beer
The Man Who Could Sell Anything ("The Talking Polaroid, that was my idea.")
Poona's got a gun
Poona and Rabbit at the restaurant
Shrub ("When I was in Shrub school...")
The TV
Dead Storyteller ("This tape is to be played only in the event of my death...")
TV Song
Finale: O Frabjous Day!

Photos from a guest appearance on Queen's Kitchen:

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