Poona Does Seattle

Photos from the Open Circle Theatre Company production

[publicity photos]
Poona and the Prince [55k] (photo from The Stranger)
Karen Gruber as Poona [13k] (photo from Seattle Press)

[photos from Open Circle Theater's web site]
Poona Waves [24k] (from the Poona Tour on Open Circle Theater's web site)
A Passionate Fairy God Penis [16k] (from the Open Circle Theater web site)
Poona learns about the birds and the bees [22k] (from the Open Circle Theater web site)
Poona's First Time [22k] (from the Open Circle Theater web site)
Shrub [31k] (from the Open Circle Theater web site)

[production photos by Andy Papadatos] JavaScript viewer
The Storyteller
Advice from her Fairy God Phallus
"To be, or not to be... a shrub."
The Handsome Prince
Prince punches Poona in the stomach.
Poona's first time
"Scene change!"
Shrub's got a gun.
Telegram for Mr. Beer
Mr. Beer has cable
Mr. Beer becomes King
"Ask not what your country can do for you!"
Shrub assassinates Mr. Beer
"Pleeeease, bring back Poona!"
Television holds a press conference.
"And that's how the TV came to be King."
Fairy God Phallus sings!
with music by Player King
"Here's a box."
"Good stupid children!"
Jack Jacobs, the boy who interviewed God
The alien Cunt and her malfunctioning nigger.
The Man Who Could Sell Anything ...and does!
Cigarettes kill
"Leaver her alone, Man-Who-Could-Sell-Anything!"
Suzy-Suzy Cyber-ssassin
Suzy at her Computer
Dead Storyteller
"Hello, evil malevolent dragon."
Wise Old Poona

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