Poona Does Chicago

Photos from the Trap Door production

Publicity Photos (by Shon Little):
Prince, Poona & Rabbit
Prince, Poona & Rabbit [39k]
Prince, Poona & Rabbit [14k]
Poona and the Prince [48k]
Poona and the TV [27k]
TV and VCR

Rehearsal Photos:
Cast Photos [17k]
Tequila Song [16k]
"Leave her alone, Man Who Could Sell Anything!" [13k]
Cigarette box [13k]
Dead Storyteller [13k]
Rabbit the waiter [12k]
"Take cover!" [13k]
Man Who Could Sell Anything (and Sparky) [12k]
Frog wants a T-shirt [13k]
Wise Old Poona [13k]
Finale [14k]
"Look! Here comes a bunny!" [14k]
Curtain call [14k]

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