Poona the Fuckdog and other plays for children

RollingNameless Productions
Des Moines - 2006

[Photos by Elena Flores]
Christina Gulick as Poona
Jasper, Cunt, and Poona have a fight.
Angel Gabe (Marnie Strate) and Mike (Dan Sherman) assess the bomb explosion.
Louis Richter as the Man who Could Sell Anything
Mikey Williams as God
TV (Nick Renkoski), Jasper (Dan Sherman), and Cunt (Marnie Strate) meet.
Cast and Crew
Elena Flores as Suzy-Suzy
Ellen Butler as the Storyteller
Tequila! TD Smith as the Fairy god Phallus
TD Smith as Jack Jacobs
Restaurant Scene. Left to Right: Mikey Williams, Nick Renkoski, Jordan Jepson, and Christina Gulick