Poona Does Santa Ana

Photos from the Hydeware Theatre production

Prince, Poona, Rabbit
[from PlaybackStL - Delirious Nomad website]
Poona & the Handsome Prince [photo credit: Darlene McGee]
Brian Hyde (left), Melissa Navarro (center) and Rusty Jones (right)
[from the Riverfront Times site]

[photos by Molly Hayden; from the Hydeware website photo gallery:]
The sweetest storyteller ever
The sweetest penis ever
A really angry pony
The real king of beers
A shrub for all seasons
Whose got my crack?
The angel of naughty
A kick like a burro, a worm like a dog
That's my kind of god
...to the unfeeling stars
Nuclear bombs = Overworked angels
Wanna super size that?
What's pederasty?
Blowing up at the dentist office
I'll play with you
It kills children
Where's my damn tivo
No really, it kills children
Our mascot Emily the dancing penis
Poona, the Penis, the Big Pink Box

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