Poona Does Santa Ana

Photos from the Rude Guerrilla Theater Company production

Publicity Photos by Jay Fraley
Poona & Handsome Prince (Jami McCoy and Drew Sutherland)
Poona & TV (Jami McCoy and Erika Tai)
Suzy-Suzy Cyber-ssassin (Karen Harris and Abby Miner)
Jack Jacobs & God (Ryan Boyd and Michael Irish)
Jasper & Cunt (Katherine Prenovost and Ryan Boyd)
Poona spurns the Prince (Drew Sutherland, Katherine Prenovost, Kelly Quigley, Michael Irish, Jami McCoy, Peter Balgoyen and Cynthia Huyck)
Katherine Prenovost, Peter Balgoyen, Drew Sutherland, Kelly Quigley, Jami McCoy, Ryan Boyd, Karen Harris, Michael Irish, Cynthia Huyck, Erika Tai and Abby Miner.

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