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Savin’ Up for Saturday Night

book by
Jeff Goode

songs by
Richard Levinson

copyright © 2009
Savin’ Up for Saturday Night is published by Samuel French.
2011 Finalist for NYMF Next Link Project
2010 Nominated for 2 LA Stage Alliance Ovation Awards
2010 Nominated for Backstage Garland Award
2010 Nominated for 2 LA Weekly Awards

Cast Size: 2m, 2f, plus musicians
Running Time: 90 minutes
Music: 15 songs
A country music cabaret (& audience-participation dance hall).

Lovin' ain't easy in a one-honky-tonk town, and when the bartender and the bandleader fall for the same dance hall girl, you can bet all heckfire's bustin' loose.

It's an evening of showstoppers and toe-tappers, cat fights and love quadrangles that's sure to keep any joint jumpin' till long past last call.

And if you think you got the gumption, you're welcome to get up and dance along.


Every weeknight, at the Honky Tonk Bar & Fill, DOC the bartender slings watered-down drink and half-baked advice, while his lifelong best friend ELDRIDGE - the front man for the house band - drinks away the profits, mooning over the girl he shouldn't have married in high school.

And every Saturday, like clock work, his ex-wife LUCINDA--speak o' the she-devil--drops by to take a turn across the dance floor, and flirt with Doc and all the guys, and generally make Eldridge's life a living heck.

He can't throw her out, though, because there's really nowhere else to cut loose in this one-honky-tonk town. And besides, she's still the best dancer in the whole county.

So it's been going on like that for years now, at the Honky Tonk Bar & Fill, turning the place they once dreamed of into their own personal purgatory.

But on this particular Saturday night, Eldridge gets the upper hand, in this dysfunctional divorce, when he gives up-and-coming songbird PATSY a shot at taking Lucinda's place in what-used-to-be their band.

Doc tries to keep the peace, but emotional fireworks ensue, and Eldridge goes off and storms out, leaving everybody scarred. And in a moment of hurt, Lucinda and Doc finally succumb to the sexual tension they've both been denying for years.

But it's a small town, and romantic love quadrangles don't stay secret for long. So when Eldridge begins to suspect there's another man in his ex-wife's life, the two best friends are forced to fight dirty (and dance dirtier) for the love of the girl they both thought they lost in high school.

"This musical looks like a whole lot of Saturday Night fun!"