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a new play by William Shakespeare

& Jeff Goode

copyright © 2008
Romeo & Julius is published by Baker's Plays.

Shakespeare's newest tragedy of love and hate crimes. A young boy falls in love with the Roman emperor, and all hell breaks loose.

Controversy reigns in ancient Rome when a popular openly-gay politician takes as his lover the son of a homophobic arch-rival. Hate begets hate as a very public bashing/assassination leads to civil war and murder-suicide.
Cast Size: 8 men, 5 women
Running Time: 2 hours

Best-Selling Books on the JeffNet - August 2001 to May 2006 (displaced on May 15th by the newly-published Marley's Ghost) & June 30 2012 to March 31 2012 (displaced on Oct 30th statement by Larry & the Werewolf)