---New York Times

"a bawdy comic romp!"
---LA Weekly

"smart, bold, and insightful, poignant without being preachy and meaningful without being sappy. Not to mention shit-yourself hysterical. Two hours of theater magic that will go down in infamy. "
---The Stranger, Seattle

"a theatrical acid trip!"
---New City, Chicago

"a freshly uncorked bottle of Champagne that never goes flat!"
---River Front Times

"You know I'm totally taking my kid"
---Orange County Weekly

"Like an early Marx Brothers movie, the comedy comes from any, and every direction, and it's just as nutty."
---Show Business Weekly

"true brilliance"
---Las Vegas CitySearch

"You have to like a show this complex and fast paced that never flies into chaos"
---Chicago Reader

"Raucous, funny, and anything but politically correct. It is a guaranteed laugh. A comedic success."
---Electronic Link Off-Broadway

"delightful... a perverted funhouse ride where people give you lollipops and cookies"
---Matinee Magazine

"a quite brilliant theatrical mess"
---Chicago Tribune

"marvelously inventive... dazzling... don't miss out by missing it"
---Las Vegas CityLife

"a refreshing scamper through modern-day mores and social customs"
---Las Vegas Review-Journal

"What a show! Outstanding!"

"hilarious... Peppered with puns and Stoppardesque word play"
---Seattle Press

"delightful... unforgettable... much more fun than it ought to be."
---The New Yorker

---The New York Theatre Experience

"mean-spirited and sophomoric!"
---Seattle Weekly

"gleeful... goofy... the perfect title."
---Time Out New York

"It would be hard to imagine anyone resisting its charms"
---Matinee Magazine

"Smart and clever, and always un-PC. You're in for a good, albeit twisted belly- laugh."
---DigitalCity Washington, DC

"Goode [is] a smarty-pants theater cult-god"
---Northern California Bohemian