Quick & Painless, Vol. II

Saturday Nite Lites 2007 Season

Quick & Painless is a ten minute play series that provides theatre companies with a low cost, high energy, great quality, late night series. It keeps actors acting and directors directing, while in between productions, or after a current show.

The series has been performed in theatres, coffee houses, bars and backyards. A proven audience favorite!


Altered States
- All 49 States by Jason Aaron Goldberg
- Bullfighting by Lucy Wang

- I'm His Bogeyman by Jeff Goode

With Friends Like These
- Cinderella's Bawl by Lucy Wang
- Favors by Julianne Homokay
- Garbage Strike by Jeremy Gable
Time is Money
- T=mc2 by Jeff Goode
- The Gingerbread House Demolition by Johnna Adams
- A Dollar-Fifty by Jeremy Gable


Death Comes to Us All

- Catplosion by Johnna Adams

- Soir, Maman by Julianne Homokay

- Black & Decker by Jason Aaron Goldberg

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