How To No Shame
No Shame Goes To War!
compiled and edited by Todd Wm. Ristau and Jeff Goode

A remarkable collection of short theatre pieces dealing with September 11th, the War on Terrorism, and the impending Invasion of Iraq, featuring scripts from No Shame Theatres in Los Angeles, Charlottesville, Iowa City, Cedar Falls, Austin, New York City, Orlando, Miami, Charleston, and Verona.

Includes Baby, No!, State of the Union Address, Suicide Bomber, War is for Pussies, Patriotism Comes in Threes, Every American's a Critic, I will not exterminate a Jew, What's scary now, and Security for $800

"A collective expression of rage, confusion, sorrow, and fear that is as unique as the venue which created it."

Available online from:
Ristau Entertainment, Ltd.,