Chicago 2014

Tarot card promos:
Kimberly Logan is playing Crone. If Crone had taken the Tarot card quiz, she'd be The Magician.
Loren Jones is playing Novella. If Novella had taken the Tarot card quiz, she'd be The Fool.
Stefanie Johnsen is playing Minerva. If Minerva took the Tarot Card Quiz she'd be the High Priestess. Really. She would. Trust us.
Patti Moore is playing Sylvia. Witch Slap! Meet the cast continues with Patti Moore, who is gracing the BWBTC stage for the first time as Sylvia. If she were a Tarot card, she'd be the Wheel of Fortune...
Alison Dornheggen plays Jezebella and if she took our Tarot quiz, she'd be "Empress" (but don't tell Ali - it'll go to her head!)
Ensemble member Morgan Manasa is playing Goody Blunt. And trust us - you don't want to miss this performance! Her Tarot card is The Moon...
Jennifer L. Mickelson plays Widow (or the 'one with the musket'!) in our show. If she took our Tarot Quiz, she'd be Justice. Come see why!