Prague-nosis! - Teatre Vertigo - 2003

Website Graphics & etc. for the Portland production

Theme from "Prague-nosis" [mp3], Jeremy French, composer
(from The Almost Annual Benefit, 2002)
Website Graphic
Website Animation (Flash)
Website Graphic (version 2)
Website Graphic (version 3)
Poster by Dylan Hillerman (from a photo by Brian McDonnell)
Poster [pdf]
Website Graphic (version 4)
"Piston Theme" [wma] Jeremy Towsey-French, Composer.
"Zing's Theme" [wma] Jeremy Towsey-French, Composer.
"Fight Music Theme" [wma] Jeremy Towsey-French, Composer.
    When Misha first enters the room, I had her enter eating off of a grapefruit half. She put the grapefruit down right away and the banter continued until Piston shoots her. However, I put in a longer fight. It started off with Misha saying "But I'm not a jewel thief". She then grabs the grapefruit and slams Piston in the face with it, in a role-reversed tribute to the famous Cagney impromptu from Public Enemy. That's when the fight music started. So anyways, they fight in super slo-mo for a while. We threw in some 3 stooges eye pokes, she grabbed him by the balls and it was all in this X-files meets Matrix green lighting sequence. It worked really well having this fast paced music with this super corny slo-mo slapstick fight, where you could see the moves coming from ten miles away. I wish you could have seen it. The fight choreographer did a great job with Tom and Melody. They hammed it up, and the audience enjoyed the ride. ---Ben Plont

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